One of the most significant numbers in healthcare is… ten.
That's the average number of days a patient must wait to get an appointment with a healthcare professional.


Reports show that there are now fewer than 10,000 bank branches remaining in the UK. It's harder than ever for customers to discuss their financial needs with an expert.


The high street store is still a vital influencer on potential purchase decisions. But many shoppers find poor service, and difficulties finding products, get in the way of buying the goods they want. 



Imagine customers being able to contact your business with the flexibility and familiarity of an audio call, but with all the possibilities of full video and graphics. You'll see why our powerful user interface will be part of the future of business communication.

To make these kind of face-to-face conversations possible, Vpod has developed its own
cloud-based video exchange system. 

Customers can access the services they require on any device with Internet capability, via an uncomplicated user interface, bespoke-made and branded to your company.

Your own experts can be located anywhere in the globe. They can organise and manage these important conversations — involving other experts to address specific needs, plus viewing data and projections in real time. No call goes unanswered, so no potential sales opportunity is missed.

Most importantly Vpod Portal is a cloud-based system, so there's no expensive, lengthy infrastructure processes to go through. Your custom Vpod Portal will be up and running in no time.

The Vpod Portal – ensuring every connection with your customers is a rewarding one


Vpod is at the forefront of a new kind of customer interaction for businesses. It offers a complete, end-to-end solution where your business can make the most of its important connections. It makes customer conversations immediate, focussed and easy-to-manage.

Vpod helps customers make informed, rapid decisions: increasing purchase volume, reducing customer churn, and enhancing brand loyalty.

Vpod simplifies dialogues and maximises potential returns. You'll rethink how you communicate with your customers 


With increased pressure on social healthcare resources, plus the busy lifestyles of working professionals, there's never been a greater disconnect between patients' needs, access to medical services, and the experts available.

Research has found that more than half of patients would prefer to contact their GP by video call. That number only increases when the time of the call can be flexible. 

Vpod empowers patients by giving them access to advice at a time that suits them. It allows them to speak to the experts and specialists that are best equipped to help.


In the United States, the number of video consultations between health care providers and patients is set to double in five years


Online banking is now part of people's everyday lives. Yet it still has little influence on significant financial decisions, like mortgages or loan applications. The falling number of high street branches makes discussing these crucial decisions harder still.

Via Vpod, these conversations take place at a time that suits the customer. All their relevant data is at your experts' fingertips, to help speed up the decision process. 

There are already seven million logins per week accessing UK internet banking services. Vpod makes those connections more valuable – and purchase-related


People are very familiar with online retailing. Yet the in-person experience of shopping is still the most powerful influence on purchase decisions.

But shopping in-store can be a frustrating experience. There can be a lack of sales staff, and limited inventory. Shoppers can miss the immersive online experience which provides a bespoke, interactive user journey.

Vpod makes the in-store experience every bit as immersive as online. Plus it provides the ideal way to express your brand in-store as well as online, through signage and interactive displays.

80% of brands experienced up to a third of additional sales through the use of digital signage