A Vgreet has been installed in KBC’s innovation centre at its head quarters in Leuven, just outside of Brussels. KBC is the largest banking and insurance company in Belgium. We spoke to the policy advisor at KBC, Rein Bollen. He says:

"At KBC, we are continuously looking at ways to improve our customer experience. Vgreet is one of the technologies that we are exploring to see what it can do for us and our clients. Even though we currently only have the ‘out-of-the-box’ solution, we already see the potential of this technology."

KBC is trialling Vgreet with the intention of deploying the technology within its retail branches for remote financial service provisions such as mortgages, insurance and loans.

"We can interact with clients at places where we are normally not physically present, like shopping malls; provide a round-the-clock service to our clients; give them additional information in an interactive and intuitive way – for example, the nearest ATM or branch; and improve our service offerings by bringing clients more easily in touch with the experts," adds Rein. "This will enable them to locate their financial advisers remotely and will provide improved customer service whilst reducing costs."

But, fittingly given the Vgreet’s installation in the innovation centre, KBC are already thinking about the future applications of the technology. "With added functionalities like facial analytics, we also want to explore the possibilities related to, for example, customised advertisement. The sky seems to be the limit," he says.

We’re always considering the benefits and implications of artificial intelligence on your business. Facial recognition and behavioural prediction are just some of potential avenues for innovation. We'll pass on our discoveries as we continue to explore these fantastic new developments.