We designed the Vgreet specially for this modern business centre. It fits seamlessly into the environment while offering a valuable new service.

A former metal box factory built in the late 19th century, this newly developed business centre in London's Southwark is home to a growing number of small and medium-sized companies.

With around a hundred and fifty businesses located within Metal Box, there's a lot of activity within the building: visitors arriving, packages being delivered and businesses connecting among themselves. The communal areas are often busy. There are a lot of visitors coming and going – with a lot of different queries.

This Vgreet was custom-designed to make everyday life in Metal Box run more smoothly.

The Vgreet is set in the centre of the business centre, and caters to a wide range of needs. For couriers, there’s a directory of businesses in the building along with their location. For visitors, there’s the capability to connect with the businesses they’re here to see via the Vgreet.

The Vgreet also provides a valuable resource for customers and companies based at the business centre. The Vgreet features interviews with Metal Box businesses, and a link to an accompanying information blog. It’s also designed to take some of the load off the shoulders of the dedicated centre managers. The Vgreet can field inquiries when the manager is busy, or a visit is out of business hours.

The communication isn't all about work, however. At the touch of a button, customers and visitors can find out about the best local transport, drinking and dining options. The Vgreet also displays live social media feeds, featuring all the latest relevant news and information.