The Vpod Portal software means customers can start a conversation with your business anytime and anywhere. But many businesses still need a physical contact point that'll help shoppers, visitors or tenants contact you easily.

Vpod has three physical products that provide this customer touchpoint. We'll tell you a little more about them below.

Setting these touchpoints up is quick and easy. And because Vpod undertakes all the necessary manufacturing for each product, it's also a very cost-effective solution.


Vcove: Conversation piece

The Vcove is a simple and elegant solution to ensure clear communication in environments where total privacy isn't essential. 

Despite its small footprint, the Vcove's advanced audio-visual features and acoustic technology mean conversations still enjoy a degree of confidence. And they're still easy to hear, even in noisy environments such as trade shows or offices.

For more detailed information about the Vcove, download our specification sheet by clicking the button below.


Vcube: Secure 

Vpod’s Vcube offers users privacy, whether it's installed in a static position or on location.

Professionals can conduct video and audio meetings while feeling secure that the conversation is confidential. In addition to its many 'off site' uses, Vcube also fulfils the need for the ‘quiet room’ that workplaces sometimes require for sensitive calls. 

Vcube is delivered economically – it arrives flat-packed for on-site assembly by our representatives. Inside it has a stable work surface, cable management systems for safe and straightforward use, power distribution for added reliability, and LED lighting to promote telepresence.

Vcube’s most elementary options allow the easy installation of flat screens and audio visual capability.

For more detailed information about the Vcube, download our specification sheet by clicking the button below.


The V1 & V1Plus: Instant privacy

The V1 is a fully-contained pod system with air-conditioning – the perfect solution for customers to enjoy privacy when discussing potentially sensitive matters such as finance or health.

With its state-of-the-art audio facilities and sound-treated technology, a V1 can be installed in even the busiest and noisiest environments. Customer conversations are still crystal clear and devoid of distractions.

 The V1 is more than a simple video communicator. It can also contain equipment like security recognition features, plus payment systems such as chip and pin, or health monitoring accessories. The ability to e-sign documents means that purchase-based conversations can result in a definitive outcome. 

The V1 Plus is a little larger than the V1, with enough space to conform to DDA and ADA compliancy for both UK and US wheelchair regulations. There is also the option to have acoustic air conditioning installed.

Each can be branded inside, and externally, to make it a stand-out feature in any environment.

For more detailed information about the V1 and V1 Plus, download our specification sheet by clicking the buttons below.



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