No one likes waiting around to be seen. Least of all your customers. 
But sometimes businesses, stores and public-facing organisations don’t have the staff (or money) to attend to their needs immediately. 

That’s why we invented Vgreet: the BIG screen smart device that welcomes visitors, showcases products and even acts as a concierge (among countless other uses). 
And the great thing is that people instinctively know how to use it. 



Most people have smartphones, which means they’re comfortable swiping, pinching and tapping a screen to get information.

Vgreet acts in the same way. 

Whether it’s front-of-house reception, airport, GP surgery, police station, store or any other type of public-facing environment, Vgreet is a live communications tool that talks to your customers immediately without stretching your resources. 

It’s the next-best thing to meeting in the flesh: and with its range of applications, in many cases, it’s better. 


A virtual receptionist with real-world skills

Vgreet allows visitors to sign in for appointments, print visitor badges, call to offices and browse tenant directories. It provides directions and displays local points of interest. You can even manage secure access to your premises from any location. Your visitors need your expertise, but having staff on site is expensive. Vgreet gets round this by connecting customers to your people face-to-face. Not only does it enable a true personal connection, but reduces queues and delivers relevant info.

Face recognition 

Regular customers deserve your time, but sometimes you can’t welcome them in real life. Vgreet solves this by not only recognising them, but by displaying promotions and discounts that correspond with their purchase history, gender, mood or even age group. 

Give your products the platform they deserve

You’ve worked hard to make your products the best, now you can showcase them in full interactive HD on Vgreet. You can display demo videos, product galleries and product descriptions, and let customers pay for goods via the easy-to-use interface. 

Essential for transport hubs 

Real-time information is vital for travellers. Instead of messing around with fiddly mobile apps, Vgreet allows them to see timetables and updates and search directories and maps on screen. All of these can be updated remotely without costly onsite visits.




The key to Vgreet is its flexibility 

From simple ‘help’ interfaces in your reception, to complex video tools that allow customers to ‘try on’ outfits, each Vgreet is customisable to your needs (and those of your customers).

We understand that buying new equipment can be daunting, so Vpod will be with you every step of the way. 

We’ll make sure your brand guidelines are translated into a streamlined user interface that showcases every aspect of your corporate identity. And the heightened customer engagement (and the goodwill you’ll earn) means you’ll never lose a sales opportunity again. 

Live communication for a screen-savvy world

There’s nothing more demoralising for a customer than a queue that doesn’t seem to be moving. 

Vgreet makes this a thing of the past. Information, product details and advice are there are at the swipe of a touchscreen.

Saving you money on staff costs, keeping visitors happy and delivering information instantly, Vgreet is the common-sense solution for modern business. 

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