Vpod is an evolution in the way businesses and services talk to people.

While Vpod is a state of the art technology product, it offers a more human way of communicating that your customers, clients and colleagues will recognise and appreciate.

It employs the latest communications technology, developed in-house as a complete solution incorporating hardware, software, content, environment and procedure. It works on any Internet-enabled device without the need for compromise.

In a retail environment, customers can link up with friendly faces who have the information they need at their fingertips. Businesses can greet visitors warmly and efficiently. In sensitive sectors like banking and health, Vpod provides options for privacy and e-signing documents. 

With Vpod, Shoppers can always find a representative to talk to. Doctors can assess patients remotely, eliminating the need for many surgery drop-ins. And important financial discussions can be concluded confidently in a single conversation. Indeed, any business or service that requires live communication will benefit from using Vpod.

Vpod as an organisation uses a human approach with its own clients, too. We work alongside businesses to create solutions that are tailor-made for them, with no requirement to adapt existing frameworks.

The Vpod team are dedicated and driven individuals with a breadth of skills, backgrounds, ages and aspirations. Vpod is the result of their combined expertise in product design, innovation, technology, software, content, digital services, manufacturing, creativity, customer focus and project management, acquired globally.

All the members of the team add unique, intrinsic value to the offering that Vpod are proud to present their clients.

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