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A new outlook

The Intelligent Workplace, Powered by Human Centric Technology

We make lives easier

Why Vpod?

We believe in making life easier. This is why we create technologies that combine human and machine. Our technology works for people and automates routine tasks - leaving people to focus on the personal touch.

A Vpod Workplace


At Vpod we focus on making life easier and creating a great experience for everyone in your organisation, including your visitors.

So how do we do it?

By connecting workplace technology and creating a digital ecosystem of processes and workflows, we enhance experience whilst addressing key organisational objectives such as improving efficiency and implementing cost-effective processes.

Driving your digital workplace...

Globally we have created connected, digital workplaces across many different industries. Our world-leading visitor management, employee services and intelligent locker solutions are the keys to unlocking your workplace.



Great minds think outside the box.