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Visitor and Employee Management

What are your current visitor management challenges?

When talking to our customers, we found a common list of visitor management challenges many organisations face...


Queues creating a poor experience within reception


Contamination risk within reception


High costs of manual processes


Reactive reception team unaware of expected visitors

Siloed systems that create a poor experience 

frustrated man

Complying with Track and Trace


Manual HSE Audit


Reactive Reception Team

Introducing Vdesk

Vdesk takes care of the entire visitor management process removing manual processes  leaving reception staff to focus on providing visitors with a warm welcome. 

Why Vdesk?

Although a popular choice, Apple and Android tablet devices have limitations:

  • Suffer from screen burn

  • Can't manage integrations with other systems

  • Have no upgrade path


Provide a first-class visitor experience with a Vdesk visitor management system.r


Introducing Vgreet

First impressions are important. Vgreet visitor management system delivers this and more for your business with cost reductions, increased efficiencies, improved productivity and - most importantly - a safe workplace for staff and visitors. 


Vgreet is a cost-effective solution where a return on investment can be seen within the first month of installation with monthly lease terms. 

How Can We Help?

We deliver solutions to meet your strategic objectives. Click the object below and select your persona to download our persona-specific visitor management guides.


Reducing costs

Identify areas of improvement for your workplace: Efficiency, ROI, and the extra budget for repurposing staff and white glove experience upgrade by using Vgreet

Computer with Graph

Increasing Efficiency


Removing manual processes to increase the efficiency of your visitor experience is easy - Go digital!

People Working in Open Office

Improving Productivty


80% of meetings start 15 minutes late according to Business Insider, want to boost your productivity?


Creating a safe workplace

Touchless processes for visitor management that avoid queues and deliver express 3 second check-in make your building much safer


Better Visitor experience


Deliver the best VIP service whilst delivering express check-in and a transformed visitor journey.


Creating a COVID-safe workplace

Vpod combine people and technology to create unique tech solutions in digital visitor management. Now, more than ever, we understand the need for re-engineering visitor management processes to help our customers navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, and to help their employees return to the office safely.

Why Choose Vpod?

We combine our expertise in innovation, product design and software development to provide first-class visitor management solutions. We've worked with a range of enterprises, including: 


We are proud to work alongside a wide range of industry-leading partners including: 


What Do Our Customers Say?

visitor+management+system (6).jpg


“The Vgreet provided a modern digital reception solution for a traditional reception service. This solution improved the customer journey also helping to make it as frictionless as possible from check in to host arrival.” 

— Craig Login, Property Contract Manager, Vodafone




“Vgreet has been everyone’s best friend, helping our customers get to know each other. It’s an amazing tool that helps visitors find anyone within the building when I’m not on duty. Its design complements that space perfectly. It looks so engaging and professional.”

— Lucia Aneglovicova, Centre Manager, Pill Box




“Vpod has provided a highly professional, consultative and flexible engagement which has enabled NM Money to develop and refine its thinking about the role of remote consultation in its business.”

— Nigel Constable, Managing Director, Note Machine Technologies


Resource Centre

Curated by Vpod's thought-leading team, our resource centre consists of industry-leading resources for Return to work...