Visitor Management: The Next Level

What your customers say about you, says a lot about you — Vpod combine technology with people, providing unique solutions in visitor management, video banking, telehealth and digital retail transformation to create the best customer experiences.

building great customer experiences

empowered and engaging CX for your business make for rewarding customer journeys


The Vgreet experience

The Dialog experience

Vgreet is the giant smartphone that’s cutting queues in receptions, helping shoppers find what they want and guiding travellers round labyrinthine airports with ease.

Dialog is the communication tool that means busy banks, clinics and other businesses where the personal touch is paramount can speak to customers face to face.


The Pod experience

The VLab experience

Pods Need privacy for an important call but the office is a madhouse? Want to set up a bank branch in a box near a busy mall? Our acoustic-treated, power smart environments are just the job.

VLab Behind our simple solutions is our creative tech lab — connecting the clicks for our clients. From AV solutions, software development, UX creation and digitising brands.


Are you experienced? Tech is making our lives easier but is it really delivering a satisfying experience to your customers? Find out why Vpod is dedicated to keeping the personal in the customer journeys of our clients.

The customer experience

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