Who we are

Vpod create unique tech solutions in digital visitor management, virtual reception, combining people and technology to drive customer satisfaction and profitability.

The Vpod team is a group of passionate, dedicated and driven individuals with a wide range of skills and backgrounds. We combine expertise in innovation, product design, software development and content, providing great customer experience solutions.

Our journey so far

Founded in 2008, Vpod has an ever-increasing list of established enterprise customers such as Vodafone, Barclays, HSBC, NM Money, CBRE, BNP, Mitie, Workspace Group, The Alan Turing Institute, Microsoft, Google, The BBC, LAX, Essex Council, Essex Police and many more.

In 2010 Vpod became part of a multinational group of companies with generations of experience in manufacturing. The Group has offices in London, Spain, Poland, Nottingham, Liverpool, California and a state of the art 300,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Germany.

Our focus is providing unique visitor management solutions for our customers that deliver on one or all of the following , depending on the customers focused outcome. The business drivers are:

  • Create a great first impression for visitors

  • Reduce staff pressure at peak times and the related staff coverage costs

  • Deliver a more efficient process that can be completed in as little as 7 seconds

  • Deliver a better customer experience for the visitor

  • Cut cost out of the processes to reduce wastage   

What we do

We provide end to end solutions for companies wanting to improve engagement with their customers, whilst reducing costs and increasing sales. That sounds impressive however what does it mean:

  • An example always serves best to illustrate what we mean in practical terms

  • We looked at Microsoft customers with Office 365 and talked to Condeco Software about populating the visitor details from a meeting invite.

  • Yes a normal meeting invite created in Outlook, the desire being not to change the meeting hosts experience, just improve the visitor one.

  • Condeco have a deep relationship with Microsoft and the product team in Vermont, the engineers found the solution.

  • Vpod then engineered the solution into Vgreet, so that if you have a Condeco based room booking solution the visitor details populate Vgreet.

So in english what does that mean?

  • The meeting host books a room and invites his/her attendees, that process stays the same.

  • The engineers also made sure that whether you keyed the meeting invite in Microsoft Office 365 or Condeco the visitor detail populated Vgreet.

  • As a result the meeting visitor gets a branded invite, which is unique to them See here  

  • The invite has everything the visitor needs to find the building, and a QR code that once scanned announces their arrival.


How does that help in today's reception?

  • Firstly, the invite is recognised by the Vgreet kiosk, which armed with motion sensors and voice recognition delivers a touchless check-in.

  • All the visitor does is say when prompted check-in and the screen prompts them to show the QR code to the activated scanner.

  • The visitor is told the host has been notified of their arrival whilst they are getting their visitor pass printed.

  • The host receives one of 15 different alerts, usually SMS and email options are preferred.

  • In the meantime the visitor can see the room that's booked for the meeting and take the wayfinding details.


The whole journey is here in a short 2 minute video

  • For the Meeting Host no real change except there guest turn up on time and have had a safe touchless arrival.

  • For the visitor well, they arrived safely transitioned the reception in under 7 seconds,and they can relax know the host is on there way.

What does that change to visitor management mean to the facilities manager?

  • For the facilities or front of house team, everything changed:

    • The communication challenge of getting visitor details to reception is removed

    • The catching all the visitor details to ensure track and trace and basic health and safety requirements are complied with, catered for.

    • The infection risk from visitors to front of house staff has been completely removed.

    • The reception area has been de-congested completely, again ensuring reduced infection transmission or just an efficient experience.

    • The visitor has been impressed, in most buildings they still have a sign in book and lonely/exposed receptionist.              

    • The cost of running reception has been reduced, no need for peak staff cover, and the front of house team can even be upgraded to concierge duties, if preferred.

    • The process of visitor management is now efficient, self certification, any surveys can be built into visitor pre-registration.

    • The entire experience can be customised for different visitor types with a bit of thought and simple execution.

Facilities management stakeholders are delighted, why?

  • The HR team are now relaxed as any health and safety concerns they had (or Covid Committee compliance) are covered easily.

  • The Legal team are relaxed that the chances of them being sued for not providing a safe workplace, have been removed. 

  • IT are happy because the users journeys haven't changed for Microsoft Office 365 users, so no training was required.

  • Security might even be relaxed or more likely re-assured that visitor management is now uniform.


Upgrade options for your visitor management solution are many, here is a tester:

  • Upgrade options now come into view to add access control to the invites, for contractors with strict floor access control.

  • Integrations into Room and Desk booking make the VPod Vgreet an employee self service tool for your service desk or genius bar.

  • Integrations into wayfinding mean the reduction of people "lost" in the building.

Example above:

This is one example of the simple processes we like to re-engineer to make them efficient.

Visitor Management professionals are what we like to be known as, however connecting the workplace so its intuitive is in our DNA.  

So if your after that visitor management system that delivers a great 1st impression, or a Covid Compliant solution, or one that removes cost, or boosts employee productivity then that's what we are about. 

We work with individual organisations to automate, personalise and transform customer experience journeys – keeping people in the process where and when necessary in order to build trust and provide a great service at an affordable price.

What we provide

We provide an entire platform for businesses wanting to better engage with their customers – whether this is through automating and simplifying certain processes or connecting with your own people face-to-face via video, reducing the need for them to to be physically present. Where necessary, we recreate the in-room experience at a reduced cost.

Starting with the customer journey, we define the right solution for you and your customers, providing the software, hardware, content and environments to meet the specific requirements.

“We deliver digital visitor management, next generation solutions ”

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