About Vpod.


Who we are

Based in London, we are a customer engagement company specialising in blending the digital and physical worlds to drive customer satisfaction and profitability.

We passionately believe that organisations discover real value by combining their physical assets (eg properties, devices, people) with digital platforms (self service interfaces, digital communications, online presences, smart devices) to achieve a truly joined up engagement experience.

Specialising in providing for the needs of modern customer engagement to make the most efficient and effective use of time, the Vpod team is a group of passionate, dedicated and driven individuals with a wide range of skills, backgrounds, and ages. We combine expertise in innovation, product design, technology, manufacturing, creativity, customer focus and global delivery. 

Our journey so far

Founded in 2008, Vpod has an ever-expanding list of customers from fast growing start-ups to established enterprise organisations. In 2010 Vpod became part of a multinational group of companies with generations of experience in product manufacturing. The Group has offices in London, California and a state of the art 300,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Germany.

Initially focused on the environments for immersive customer engagement , Vpod decided to create their own technologies due to the inflexibility of existing solutions, developing their own customer engagement platform. After many years of being behind the scenes providing for the large tech companies, we decided to launch our own Vpod solutions, providing unique end to end customer engagement experiences.


What we do

We provide end to end solutions for companies wishing to better engage their customers, whilst reducing costs and driving sales.

We work with individual organisations to automate, personalise and transform customer engagements – keeping people in the process where and when necessary to drive trust and superior service at an affordable price point.

We specialize in merging the physical with the digital - delivering ‘phygital’ experiences.

What we provide

We provide an entire platform for businesses wanting to better engage with their customers – whether this is through automating and simplifying certain processes or connecting with your own people, without the need for them to to be physically present. Where necessary, we recreate the in-room experience without the cost.

Starting with the customer journey, we define the right solution for you and your customers, proving the software, hardware, environments and content to meet your brief.

We provide end to end solutions for companies wishing to better engage their customers, whilst reducing costs and driving sales