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Smart thinking at Alan Turing

“Ultimately the Alan Turing GUI became one of our favourites we’ve developed. Fun and function, it really helped this unit stand out for visitors”

— Dom Salmon, Creative Director, Vpod

Found within London’s famous British Library, The Alan Turing Institute is a hothouse of programmers, thinkers, mathematicians and all-round smart people coming together to make strides in the newly emerging discipline of data science.

In a busy building, it was important for the Institute to enhance visitor management helping visitors – who come from all over the globe to network with like-minded people – to speak to reception quickly and easily, check out upcoming events and, in the case of overseas arrivals, find out a little more about the surrounding area.

The Institute's powerful brand identity provided Vpod with a great creative challenge to incorporate its fluid, maths-based style into the interface.

“The Alan Turing project was something as a creative you love to work on,” said Dominic Salmon, Vpod's Creative Director. “It's visually a very strong brand and one that’s based on a great idea that pays tribute to Alan Turing’s ideas. He’s a bit of a hero of mine, so I really wanted to pay tribute to the guy in our work.”

“We included animation in the interface transformations that reflected the Fibonacci sequence used to build the brand. The great thing about the Vgreet is that the interface can be anything, from static button-style menus to flowing, elegant animation.”

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Turning a brand into a stunning GUI

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