Automated Parcel Lockers

Create an intelligent workplace with Vpod Automated
parcel locker solutions & Collection Lockers.


Our Automated Parcel Locker System helps you digitise and automate your parcel/post & click and collect delivery.


From personalised design and manufacturing to installation and locker management systems, we provide it all.


Features of Parcel Lockers

  • An innovative technology that is designed to be integrated into your ITSM.
  • Live recipient Email notifications 
  • Integrated asset management system
  • Branded bespoke mail locker design
  • Contactless access for users
  • Secure storage with PIN, QR code or RFID access
  • Real-time reporting on locker usage and availability.
  • Maximise flexibility with multi-purpose Vlocker.
  • Easily reserve and book collection lockers online or from a mobile device 

Benefits of Vpod's Parcel Locker Solution

Improve Customer Experience

Purchase online and ensure pick up is convenient. Whether you are collecting your parcel from the office or within a retailer shop, our Parcel Lockers guarantee a seamless shopping experience from delivery to collection.

Cost Benefit

Cut out the manual processes involved with deliveries. 

Allow Front of House or mailroom staff to focus on vital tasks, increasing your workplace efficiency


Manage internal accountability and security with a digital asset management system to store items securely. 

Track & collect real-time data on all parcels and post entering and being collected in your building, with easily accessible digital reports. 

Digital transformation for a safer workplace

The digital transformation minimises the contact between staff, couriers and even other staff collecting parcels with the combination of electronic parcel lockers and self-serve contactless kiosks.

 Applications in Industries

  • Retailers Click & Collect

  • Universities and Higher Education

  • Public Sector

  • Office

  • Residential Buildings


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