Condeco are a leading workspace scheduling technology company. Condeco make it easy to find and book spaces to meet and work.

We work with Condeco as their Integration with Vpod delivers an immediate increase in digital efficiency of 40%

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Vpod have developed some simple tools to help you quantify that digital efficiency:


Enterprise Global Clients

Condeco supply workspace scheduling software to over 1,600 of the world’s biggest brands, using innovative scheduling solutions to transform the way they work in their space.

Condeco Mission

Condeco's mission is to help clients maximize their workspace and create a more productive and collaborative workplace experience for business and their employees.

Condeco and Vpod Integration enables Microsoft Office 365 invited visitors to move to an intuitive experience

By having the Vgreet x Condeco x Proxyclick integration, businesses provide a seamless visitor experience and successfully create a fully connected workplace.

  • Decongest reception areas 

  • Make them visibly safer for visitors and employees alike

  • Add Touchless check-in 


Why would you benefit from the integration?


  • Add touchless express 3 second check-in for your visitors decongesting the reception. 

  • All Microsoft workflows remain unchanged, people invite visitors to meetings via Outlook

  • Remove rekeying visitor details into different systems - saving manual tasks, time and money

  • Upgrade the visitor experience, organisational efficiency and productivity without adding an admin burden to facilities teams

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How it works

When an employee books a meeting room in Condeco (with external visitors), they're automatically pre-registered within the Vpod system. Visitors then receive personalised details around the meeting, including a QR code they then use at the office during the Vgreet express check-in. 

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