Employee Day Lockers

Create a smart office with Vpod Day Lockers. An employee lockers for returning to the office - and hybrid workers - with a safe place to store their belongings whilst working. 

Our smart workplace Day Lockers are available with either Vgreet or Vdesk management solutions to help you digitise and automate your personal storage locker system .

Day Lockers Features


Book a day locker before you even arrive at the office


Enter verification passcode, QR code scan or RFID scan

Locker confirmation on screen

Locker door opens automatically and user can place belongings inside

User closes locker door

Staff can book a day locker before you arrive at the office or at Vgreet/Vdesk when you arrive  

Why invest in Vpod's Intelligent Day Locker Solution?

Cost Benefit

With digital day lockers, you can remove the need for 1 allocated locker per user. Booking lockers only when required helps to reduce floor space cost whilst increasing utilisation.


Increase employee and visitor productivity by minimising the risk of lost locker keys.


Our lockers can also be linked to a desk booking system, allowing users to choose a locker as close to their chosen workspace as possible.

Safe Workplace

Allow hybrid workers to join permanent employee in the workplace, whilst minimising the risk of contamination via personal belongings.


Manage internal accountability and security with a digital asset management system.

Collect data on all locker utilisation and the link between building occupancy and usage. 

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