Finally, talk to your customers the right way

Dialog is an entirely new way of customer communication. Now you can treat video exactly as you would audio. With touch-simple call routing, every customer communication can be a seamless and rewarding experience. Schedule appointments, combine multiple callers and even share information on screen and annotate, all in real-time.

With Dialog, no call goes unanswered, meaning every customer can speak to the right person. This ensures that you never miss another sales opportunity – and that people's experience with you is immediate and frustration-free.

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Any device, anywhere

Fantastic-quality video communications at low-bandwidth mean a seamless experience for your customers – from desktop to smartphone.

With people's busy lives, being on the move means physical appointments are often hard to keep, but still people crave that personal touch when it comes to the big decisions in life, from mortgages to healthcare. With Dialog, your support staff can walk customers through any process, wherever they are. This means that your experts can be located anywhere in the world, but are only ever a button push away.


Dialog is a well-thought-through solution that can be easily integrated with back office processes. It enables a complex remote interaction that allows documents to be displayed, annotated, printed and scanned with an absolute minimum of technical skills on the consumer side
— Nigel Constable, Managing Director, Note Machine Technologies


Dialog: powerful communication arrives

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