Digital Reception  FAQs

  • What is a digital reception?

  • How does Vgreet’s digital reception work?

What is digital reception?


A digital reception is a method of registering visitors and ensuring they get to their destination on time.


Digital receptions usually involve a kiosk that visitors approach and sign in. Once they have checked-in, the host is notified of their arrival.

If they need help, they can select an option that connects them to a receptionist that is located elsewhere in the building.

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How does Vgreet’s digital reception work?


Vgreet’s digital reception is a perfect combination of technology and people delivering an enhanced product with reduced costs. Vgreet has video integration to allow visitors and employees to connect with a PA from Moneypenny via our Vgreet unit.

Vgreet’s digital reception enhances user experiences like Touchless and Express check-in, improves process efficiency with self-certification whilst delivering a 3-second check-in, and creates a safer workplace with front of house staff not having to physically meet visitors.

Watch the integration video here

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