Employee Day Lockers

The ideal office locker storage for your hybrid workers.


Employee Lockers with powerful integrations for the best user experience

A personal locker for hybrid workers, offering a safe and smart place to store belongings whilst working from the office. With contactless access, our employee lockers offer a seamless user experience from booking to collecting belongings at the end of the day.

We design solutions that are powered by smart locker technology and tailor them to improve the employee experience. Vpod’s Employee Lockers easily integrates with asset management systems for various workflows and our front of house solution, Vgreet.



  • Maximise flexibility with multi-purpose Vlocker.

  • Easily accessible to hybrid workers, office staff and teams.

  • Quick and easy to book a personal locker from mobile devices.

  • Self-serving lockers are accessible on the go, available on demand.

  • A personalised experience that suits the needs and schedule of your people

  • Branded bespoke Employee Locker design

  • Securely store belongings with QR code or RFID access

  • Real-time reporting, providing useful data on staff locker usage

Benefits of Vpod's Employee Lockers

Improve Employee Experience

Installing an electronic storage locker for employees removes the hassle and responsibility of lost keys while providing peace of mind that belongings are stored securely. Our personal lockers for office promote work-life balance and support a hybrid working model.


Our digital employee lockers remove the need for a single allocated locker per user or multiple locker banks. Booking lockers only when required helps to reduce floor space and cost whilst increasing utilisation.

Safe Workplace

Allow hybrid workers to join permanent employees in the workplace, whilst minimising the risk of contamination via personal belongings.

Increase Productivity

Increase employee and visitor productivity by minimising the risk of lost locker keys. Our Employee Lockers can also be linked to a desk booking system, allowing users to choose a Personal Locker as close to their chosen workspace as possible.

Applications of personal lockers in Industries

  • Public Sectors

  • Universities and Higher Education

  • Offices

  • Tourist attractions

  • Hospitals and medical centres