Beautiful environments from an industry expert

In this busy, bustling world, sometimes you need peace, quiet and privacy when talking about the big things in your life. Vpod has been a market leader in pods for technology use for a decade, bringing powerful tech with low energy-demanding systems, coupled with acoustically optimised pods – all geared to making the minimum environmental impact in their production and operation.

With a Vpod, it's amazingly easy to turn any busy space into a versatile workplace or to help your customers talk face-to-face with your staff, and with a large range of bespoke or ready-made pods, there’s a wide choice for any budget.

Vpods: An instant business environment 


Private and personal

Our pods mean you can set up a private communication space in any environment. Acoustic and energy-optimised technology means crystal-clear conversations free from any outside distractions.

A feature-rich environment

Our pods can be augmented with any number of options for your business needs. From measuring blood pressure for health to scanning and signing documents to clinch a crucial sale – your pod can be equipped to maximise every business opportunity.

Vpod have enabled us to free up unused space, providing an immersive video experience whilst providing the flexibility to react to our ever-changing global landscape

Pods provide privacy in open plan offices and free up under utilised space