Talk of the town

Council buildings are busy spaces that can be host to a myriad of different departments, all located in different parts of the complex, leading to overstretched receptionists and frustrating delays for visitors.

Essex County Council's facilities provider Mitie contacted Vpod to look at streamlining the number of routine enquiries at the Council's SEAX House HQ everyday. Installing a single branded Vgreet was in building's entrance meant that visitors could be immediately connected via audio to the person they needed to speak to to resolve their enquiry, didn't need to have to navigate multiple departments and best of all for the council, a single receptionist to answer all queries could be located in the most practical location for the Council, not stuck at a front desk.

Mitie is a FTSE 250 strategic outsourcing company and in fact both Mitie and Essex were awarded the 'Best Public Sector Partnership' award at the 2013 Premises and Facilities Management Awards.

With pressure on public finances, councils are constantly looking at ways which they can deliver services more efficiency and also look at potential cost savings. Mitie identified that the use of a Vgreet virtual receptionist could deliver an even better service to Seax House visitors and still have a positive effect on costs meaning more revenue available for other services.

Vpod have wide experience in working with large, complicated organisations and also dealing with their service providers, ensuring quick and complete delivery of a bespoke solution, on-time and on-brand — ultimately a simple, elegant solution such as Vgreet can make day-to-day operations smoother, simpler and cheaper from day one.

This is a prime example of how the Vgreet can streamline operations in a relatively large and established organisation. It’s an efficient way of making sure both customers and service providers stay happy