Visitor Management

What is Vgreet?

Vgreet is a visitor management system that provides and connects workplace services to help your organisation provide a great visitor experience.

What size is Vgreet?

The Vgreet hardware is a 43” commercial grade LED panel kiosk.

What size of organisation is Vgreet suitable for?

Vgreet is suitable for any organisation that has an office space. If space is a concern, we also offer Vgreet in a more compact size, Vdesk. The combination of our visitor management systems also works well within a multi-tenant property.

Can Vgreet integrate with any systems?

Vgreet can integrate with any 3rd party software that has an open API.

Why should I use Vgreet in the workplace?

  • Customisable workflows, processes and journeys
  • Powerful, best-in-class integrations
  • Combine people and technology to create a digital workplace
  • Improve security and workplace safety

Is Vgreet GDPR compliant?

No sensitive data is stored within the Vgreet product, the only data stored locally is usage statistics which is anonymous. As default, the Vgreet uses a visitor management software where all data is encrypted and stored with a secure private cloud. The data is stored through a provider called OVH through two data centres in France. With additional back up within AWS Frankfurt, further information can be found here. The Visitor management software where the sensitive data resides is within SOC2, ISO27001 facilities.

How does Vgreet connect to other workplace systems?

Vgreet is a digital visitor and employee management system which resides on premise within a customer’s own domain. The application itself sits locally on the Vgreet PC which uses a secure windows LTSC operating system and our own content management application.

All connectivity is outbound to the various applications Vgreet integrates with - such as visitor management, room booking, video conferencing, google maps, wayfinding, voice recognition, live travel and weather and any other 3rd party platform that is required.

Connectivity to each of the applications is through restful APIs, via the cloud and therelevant rules and be provided upon request. No sensitive data is stored within the Vgreet product, the only data stored locally is usage statistics which is completely anonymous.

Any sensitive data required for specific modules such as visitor management and room booking are encrypted and either stored in one of the top 3 cloud providers or within a dedicated private cloud.

Vpod, the applications and our partners adhere to ISO27001 & SOC2 frameworks and are GDPR compliant.

What connectivity is required?

Vgreet requires a standard power supply as well as 1 x ethernet connection with a minimum bandwidth of 2mb both upload and download.

Where does the data reside?

Subject to the application, Vpod and their partners have points of presence globally and can select specific regions.

How does Vgreet connect to the network?

The Vgreet application sits locally on each of the individual kiosks within the customers domain and connects outbound to the cloud.

What specific ports are required to facilitate network connectivity?

A full list of ports can be provided upon submitting a request HERE

Can Vgreet display my own brand?

The Vgreet user interface is always customised to ensure the journey, tone and look reflects that of our customers specific needs.

Can customers update their own content?

Vgreet can be configured upon request so that any static content can be managed and updated by our customers.

Does the Vgreet need to be fixed to the floor?

The Vgreet is completely free standing, making installation straight forward and pain free.

What is Vdesk?

Vdesk visitor sign in system is the compact version of our flagship product Vgreet that suits small spaces, low-traffic receptions and multi-tenant workplaces.

What size is Vdesk?

Vdesk is a 27” commercial grade unit with LED panel

Vpod Leasing

Are there any additional fees?

Yes, there is a one-off admin service fee of £150 to be paid at the beginning of the agreement - this is an administration set up fee.

Is there an Annual Service Fee?

There is an annual service fee of £40 which provides full access to Propel’s customer services that include VAT schedules and account and insurance management.

Do you need insurance to cover the Vgreet(s)?

Your Vgreet(s) should be added to your building contents insurance schedule. Proof of insurance against fire, theft and other liabilities will be required within 30 days of the start of the lease.

What happens at the end of the term?

At the end of the finance agreement your rental is finished, and you can choose to extend that rental or finish the contract. You will be contact 90 days prior to arrange your end of initial rental options and select your preference.

Who are Propel?

Propel was established in 1996 to provide flexible and accessible finance to SMEs across the country. Now, more than 20 years on, Propel has grown to become one of the UK’s largest independent finance houses, helping more than 40,000 businesses to access finance to purchase business critical equipment and vehicles quickly and easily. Propel aim to take the services they offer to the next level, to push the boundaries of what’s available and to create great customer experiences consistent with their values. In these challenging times, it is crucial to work with finance partners you can trust to help you drive your business forward. Propel is one of the largest independent finance houses in the UK with a 20-year track record in supporting over 40,000 Business Customers with the asset finance they need to obtain vital equipment and vehicles to power their productivity and performance.

Is there a cooling-off period?

No, this is a rental agreement.

What term periods do Vpod offer?

Terms from 3,4 or 5 years are available.

What is the approval process?

The approval process is simple you will be assessed for credit approval which is necessary under FCA regulations. Once approved you will be asked for signatory sign off so the lease agreement paperwork can be sent to the correct signatory.

When is the 1st payment taken?

The first payment is taken after two things have happened, firstly you have signed off that the equipment is live and functioning as per the statement of works. Secondly, the norm is that the first payment is taken within 4 days and on each monthly anniversary thereafter.

What is the difference between Hire Purchase and Rental?

There are two distinct differences - with Hire Purchase you pay a deposit of at least the value of the VAT and you are purchasing the item so you retain ownership. With a rental or lease there is no deposit, so savings are realised day 1 and the item ownership is retained by the finance company.

Can I rent the equipment after the initial term?

It is common for customers to request that they extend the rental which is something you agree with Vpod 90 days prior to the end of the initial term.

Digital Lockers

How does the Vpod Locker range remain committed to sustainability?

We are proud to work closely with Ruppel because of their high-quality craftsmanship and their commitment to sustainability. With a wide selection of different materials to choose from, cutting-edge engineering and the highly skilled technicians – Ruppel offers superior value at a fair price. Their Central European location ensures that they commit to a short supply lead time of 4 weeks, so that your people can start using their lockers as soon as they are welcomed back into their new, smart office.

How are your smart lockers touchless?

Our Smart Lockers are touchless through intelligent technology. By using your RFID card, mobile credential (phone or wearable) or WiFi app on your phone your locker experience can be practically touchless. By simply presenting your credentials the locker door will pop open for you to put in your belongings.

How customisable are the smart locker banks?

As we manufacture our own locker banks, we are able to work with you to customise each bank to your own specification. You can choose from a wide selection of finishing colours, materials and designs to match with your organisation’s branding or the décor in the environment of which the lockers will be installed.

How do you use smart locker?

Integrated with Vgreet/Vdesk:

Access instructions generally take the form of an access code, order number, or barcode that they can scan. Once a user arrives at the locker location, they should enter their verification information at the kiosk touch screen or accesses their assigned locker using a mobile app.

What can smart lockers be used for?

Smart lockers can be used for day lockers to house employees' personnel items to Asset/IT management and parcel delivery/collection.

How long can my parcel stay in the locker?

You’ll have between 7 – 10 days to store a parcel that needs to be retrieved. This is the maximum time you can postpone the receivable, but it is advisable to pick up your parcel(s) as soon as you possibly can to ensure others can use the locker space.

What if my parcel is too big for the locker?

There will be an option on the screen to either 'Open a larger locker' or 'Open the largest locker'. Once you have selected an option, you will be instructed to close the locker and the new one will open. If the parcel is too big for the largest locker, you can kindly work with someone at front of house/reception and they will talk you through their additional storage procedures.

Why do people use parcel lockers?

Smart parcel lockers help to minimise unnecessary trips to the post office and frees up valuable time. Parcel lockers can be multi-purposed to be the pickup and the drop off location for deliveries.

What are the benefits of parcel lockers?

A parcel locker makes it easier for building residents to pick up their packages on their own schedule. Now with smart technology, fitted digital systems enable the building manager to alert the recipient that their parcel has arrived. This process makes it effortless for residents to pick up and drop off packages.

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