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Why is visitor management important?


Visitor management is crucial in the workplace to ensure workplace efficiency and improve visitor and employee experience.    


Visitor management can benefit businesses in many ways:


  • Automates the entire visitor management process to assist visitors.

  • Creates a great first impression with visitors and employees

  • Allows for a frustration-free visitor journey

  • Enhances workplace efficiency

  • Saves reception costs

  • Manages the return to work process after Covid-19 lockdown

  • Improves building security

  • Delivers transparency in a digital world


Visitor management isn’t just about providing a great experience – good visitor management ensures the security of employees. Visitor management enables Facilities Managers to know who is in the building at all times, restrict visitors to specific floors, record visitor information securely and control where contractors have access.


















The world is adapting to the changes that Covid-19 has brought upon us; safety has never been more important to the visitor and employee. Employers have a legal responsibility  to keep people safe at work and minimise the risk of coming into contact with the virus. Facilities Managers must have control over who enters the building, what floor they visit, which desk they work from and when they leave. This, of course, is in addition to the number of cleaning and sanitisation processes that workplaces must adopt.


Visitor management is now more important than ever to ensuring business operations run effectively and safely.


How should companies handle visitors?


We remember positive experiences and, more importantly, we talk about them. Whether it was a visit to a museum, store, hotel or business, we come away from great experiences and we can’t wait to share that experience. Trip Advisor alone has over 800 million reviews on their website; imagine visitors could review their experience in your HQ, what would they say? Great experiences lead to great meetings, which lead to business. Your company can’t afford to have poor visitor management. 


In a connected world where we have technology and instant communication at our fingertips, companies must keep up and ensure visitors receive an experience that is communicative, smooth, and safe.


Traditional visitor experience involves:

  • Checking in with a concierge service

  • Taking a journey through security barriers

  • Greeting a security guard to let them through once attended by the host

  • Being allocated a separate pass for the barrier system

This method of visitor experience is outdated and it’s easy for this process to become fragmented over time; it’s commonplace for visitors to spend time waiting in a queue to speak with reception staff, for a security guard to provide them with a pass, or for their host to greet them.


Companies must consider the entire visitor experience; from the moment the guest receives an invitation to visit your building, right through to saying goodbye to them in the foyer; each step of the process should be carefully considered.  


Modern visitor experience looks like:


  • An informative email invitation

  • Google Map directions your location

  • Full confirmation of all details such as time, date, room, host etc

  • A QR code to enable check in

  • Contact details for the host

  • Motion sensors to detect arrivals

  • Contactless, seven second check in

  • COVID self certification options

  • Thermal temperature scanning

  • Tailored security access

  • Directions to the correct meeting room























Vpod reinvents and provides the full end to end visitor experience, saving costs, improving security and helping visitors and employees to feel safe in the building.


What is a visitor management system/software?


A visitor management system is a solution that allows organisations to streamline their visitor management process, using technology to monitor and record visitor information.


A visitor management system solves many problems for the Facilities Manager.


  • A safe visitor experience

  • A safe employee experience

  • A safe reception environment

  • Cost reduction

  • A decongested reception


Visitor management systems combine technology, security, communication and analytics to not only provide a great first impression to visitors and employees, but the tools that the Facilities Manager needs to keep the building running effectively.











Visitor management software keeps your process running smoothly, are compliant and keep your team secure. There are two types of visitor management software:


Legacy on-site software


  • Can be costly to purchase initially

  • Requires a physical presence in your office

  • Requires maintenance, upkeep, and updates


Cloud based software


  • Cost and time efficient

  • Is secure

  • No hardware maintenance or repairs


Source: Forbes


Cloud based visitor management software from Proxyclick provides a market leading solution for the modern workplace; all the must-haves to enhance visitor experience, secure assets, streamline operations, manage visitors, be compliant and save costs.


How much does visitor management cost?


Vgreet visitor management offers a great ROI compared to the cost of FOH and reception staff:













How does Vgreet manage visitors? 


Vgreet is a virtual reception that offers a contactless check in, reduces congestion in your lobby and reduces visitor management costs. Vgreet creates a unique and better visitor experience by delivering the following functions:


  • Pre-registration

  • Visitor identification

  • Wayfinding

  • Facial recognition

  • Thermal imaging

  • Customisable notifications for hosts and security

























Ensure a smooth check in process for your visitors using Vgreet. Your visitors have the ability to pre-register for their visit, providing them with a QR code for arrival. When they arrive for their meeting, your visitor will scan the QR code at the Vgreet kiosk for a swift seven second check in.


Visitor identification


Scan your pre-registration QR code for a speedy seven second check in. Vgreet welcomes your visitors using intelligent visitor identification, keeping reception traffic under control and guiding your visitors to the correct room quickly.




Visitors can find your office location with ease using the Vgreet wayfinding function.  Realtime Google Map directions shows your visitor the best way to get you by train, car or foot.


Facial recognition


The Vgreet facial recognition function recognises your employees and allows them into the building, getting them to work on time quickly and safely.  


Thermal imaging


Adapt to the new normal with Vgreet’s Covid secure thermal imaging. Take your visitors temperature accurately from the Vgreet kiosk. Self certification options are also available to ensure the safety of your building occupants.


Customisable notifications for hosts and security


Keep your building compliant with tailored notifications. Notify hosts when guests arrive, keep Facilities Managers up to date with footfall or add your own compliance measures.


What are the visitor management systems in the UK?


There are a range of visitor management systems in the UK, each bringing a variety of benefits to the modern workplace.


Examples of visitor management systems include:


  • Vpod Solutions

  • Proxyclick

  • Condeco

  • Moneypenny

  • ILobby

  • Greetly

  • Sign in app




















What is Vpod Solutions?


Vpod create unique tech solutions combining people and technology to drive customer satisfaction and profitability.


Vpod provide end to end solutions for companies wanting to improve engagement with their customers whilst reducing costs and increasing sales. They work with individual organisations to automate, personalise and transform customer experience journeys – keeping people in the process where and when necessary in order to build trust and provide a great service at an affordable price.


What is Proxyclick?


Proxyclick is a cloud-based visitor management platform built for the best-of-breed needs of the global enterprise and helps trusted brands across every industry to transform the way they welcome their visitors and contractors. Proxyclick’s clients include L’Oréal, Revolut, PepsiCo, Audi, and other global Fortune 500 companies with both offices and production sites. With more than 30 million visits registered in 7,000 locations around the world, Proxyclick’s solution allows organisations to minimise security and compliance risks while upholding privacy rights.


Proxyclick’s new features aim to provide enterprises with a contact-free check-in solution for every step of the visitor journey and employee experience. With millions of employees, visitors, and contractors set to re-enter corporate premises around the world, these solutions will allow organisations to perform sufficient due diligence to mitigate liability risks. The new offering introduces a completely contactless solution with no physical interaction necessary from check-in to check-out of a facility.


Head over to our news page to see how Proxyclick integrates with Vgreet.

What is Condeco?

Condeco create workplace management and meeting schedule software for enterprises around the world.


Condeco’s major USP is Condeco Sync; no matter where you make your meeting room booking, Condeco keeps the room directory up to date so that real time availability is accurate to the minute. It also extends its visitor data via its API to industry leading tools like Proxyclick and VPod.


What is Moneypenny?

Moneypenny is the world’s leading outsourced provider to small and large businesses for delivering brilliant customer conversations. Established in 2000 and based right here in the UK, Moneypenny’s 1000-strong team delivers telephone answering, live chat, switchboard and customer support services to over 21,000 businesses. Each and every client benefits from their unique mix of extraordinary people and ground-breaking technology to answer calls and live chat exactly as if based in-house.


With Moneypenny, you’ll have a dedicated receptionist, on hand 24/7 to look after everything your in-house team does and more - now including on-demand video concierge support. Briefed by you and accountable to your business, you’ll rely on the flexible support of your very own Moneypenny Receptionist whenever your team is busy or unavailable. 


Award-winning - 6x featured in The Sunday Times Top 100 Best Companies to Work For

Trusted - 20 million calls & chats looked after on behalf of sole traders and global enterprises

Leading - The world’s #1 outsourced communications provider

24/7 - Every customer managed seamlessly around the clock from their UK head office


What is Greetly?

Greetly is an office visitor registration system and check-in app with instant reception notifications, visitor photos, badges, eSignatures and a cloud-based log.


What is Sign in App? 

Sign In App is an app for visitors and staff registration, providing visitors with the information and documentation they required for their visit as well as allowing staff members to sign in from their mobile or while on the road.


What is iLobby? 


Emphasising on its security level, iLobby is a visitor management system which simplifies the process of screening visitors by monitoring the visitors in the building, streamlining the visitor sign-in process, automate security and compliance automation, and physical access control.

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