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Everyone has a picture in their mind of what a Google office is like, busy, chaotic, noisy – in a word 'disruptive'. The truth is close to that, there is always a lot going on at a Google office, just as you'd expect from one of the most recognisable names in tech — one that prides itself on being a leading thinker in how data and networks are shaping the world. Which is great — but what happens when you need a little quiet time? Or need some privacy for the more one-to-one calls a working day requires?

Google called on Vpod, because with a decade of experience installing pod-based communication solutions, it was one area of expertise they couldn't do as well in-house.

Vpod recognised that acoustic performance was essential in such a bustling space – and with multiple units in close proximity other factors such as heat management would be key – all while not being a power drain on power and bandwidth.

Google were very happy to order a series of pods which instantly gave staffers some space for video conferencing, private conversations or sometimes just somewhere to grab a sandwich and checking social feeds. And this being Google, there were some pretty bespoke outside graphics to complete the package.

“Vpod recognised that acoustic performance was essential in such a bustling space”

Some suitable 'Googled' pod units make for a safe haven for from Google's busy offices for important calls and 'me-time'

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