Hybrid Working


A Guide to Hybrid Working

The 2020 lockdown has forced companies to evaluate homeworking for their businesses. This guide will help you to determine if hybrid working is a good fit for your business, along with a few tips to get you started with the implementation of it. 

Vpod Hybrid Working Blogs


Why visitor sign-in books aren't effective

Why  your reactive reception isn't working

10 front of house challenges

Sign in visitor management for your workplace is no longer the same after the pandemic. 

Is your front of house set up reactive or intuitive? 

The challenges that reception management will face as organisations begin to bring their employees back to work.


Hybrid Working Planning

Creating a visitor management plan for your office(s) will help you to understand what space limitations you have, and from there you can inform your employees and create a flexible working pattern with your team.

Reengineering front of house

What does a digital reception system mean in re-engineering the front of house? Explore the challenges of different types of reception visitor management and how providing a digital reception service can enhance the visitor journey.

Hybrid Working Industry Research


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Aviva to move to hybrid model

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