Vpod IT Asset Lockers

Distribute and manage your IT assets to anyone, at a time that suits your IT team and employees.

Our innovative secure solution, with real-time monitoring and reporting, provides complete traceability and accountability.

Our IT Asset Lockers are available with either Vgreet or Vdesk management solutions to help you digitise and automate your entire locker system.

Our IT Asset lockers Features


Manage your IT assets with anytime access for employees


Enter verification ID code, QR code scan or RFID scan.

Locker confirmation on screen

Locker automatically opens

Recipient retrieves asset and closes the locker door

Book an asset before you arrive at the office or at Vgreet/Vdesk when you arrive  

Why invest in Vpod's Intelligent IT Asset Lockers?


Boost employee productivity with:

  • Easy, 24hr IT Asset Pickup Drop off

  • Less time spent off-task finding an IT asset

Optimise IT staff productivity with:

  • Easy broken asset collection

  • Inventory management

  • Clear asset custody records


Manage internal accountability and security with a digital asset management system.

Have full visibility of locker usage and accountability for any damages/misuse to assets.

Collect data on utilisation across your building, with easily accessible digital reports.  


Increase asset utilisation with 24hr access and maintained security. 

If you would like to enquire about our Intelligent Locker solutions, please click here