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LAX Airport: A Definition of Visitor Management in Tourism 

What is visitor management in tourism?

The definition of visitor management in tourism stands for streamlining visitors' journey and enhancing the visitor experience.

Managing visitors in tourism destinations can be delivered in a sustainable way, to reduce manual processes and enhance visitor experiences. Tourism, as one of the fastest-growing industries, the topic of effective visitor management has become more important. 

Visitor management in tourism can be applied to heritage sites, protected areas, national park, airports, and more. A tourism attraction manager’s job usually involve delivering a sustainable tourism visitor management approach which handles large numbers of visitors especially and provides the best visitor experience.  

LAX Airport has seen the effective visitor management approach by installing Vgreet digital visitor management system. 

Visitor Management in Tourism Destination: Los Angeles’ LAX Airport 

One of the most iconic arrival destinations in the world, Los Angeles’ LAX Airport handles an incredible 84 million passengers each year, making it the fifth-busiest travel hub in the world. The number of visitors could be even more than a popular tourism destination. 

In such a bustling location, techniques of reducing the visitor's footfall has become significant. Visitor management in such a busy tourism destination means being able to access information quickly and easily to make everything run smoothly. When you have to navigate departure screens, gate directions or facilities maps, or find ongoing travel information, toilets or restaurants, it can all be a bit of a puzzle – and means information desk staff can get swamped with enquiries. 

To help LAX deal with its huge visitor population, Vpod developed Vgreet digital visitor management system, which is currently located in Terminals Thomas Bradley and Terminal 2, under the banner of “AskLAX”. 

“Our AskLAX kiosks are an easy way for our guests to access the most up-to-date information at their trips, or reach out to a real person to help them when they need additional assistance.” 

— Justin Erbacci, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) 

LAX Airport's Effective Visitor Management 

LAX Airport is a great example of an effective visitor management in tourism. It gives a practical examples of how visitors' experiences can be improved in a tourism destination.

From one single touchscreen interface, as familiar as any smartphone, visitors can: 

  • Check flight times 

  • Find travel information 

  • View live traffic incidents  

  • Virtual guided tours through the fantastic shops and restaurants 

  • Get help from built-in video conferencing, a real person is only a touch away if you need help 


“Our AskLAX kiosks are an easy way for our guests to access the most up-to-date information at their trips, or reach out to a real person to help them when they need additional assistance. These kiosks are just one example of how LAX is using innovation and pilot projects to improve our visitor experience through technology and creative thinking." said Justin Erbacci, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer, Los Angeles World Airports. 

Benefits of Vgreet's visitor management in tourism

1. Visitor Engagement

A Vgreet visitor management system consolidates all these things into one giant smartphone-type kiosk with an intuitive touchscreen.


It’s a single point of contact that provides all the information visitors may need in the airport and beyond, and because it provides live face-to-face communications via video chat, visitors can choose how they engage. 

Self-serve or speak to an advisor – the visitor decides! 


2. Return on Investment

The return on investment is significant because LAX saves a fortune on multiple displays and salaries, plus it can generate revenue through advertising. 

3. Brings the visitor experience to the next level

Vgreet visitor management system is integrated with live flight information and wayfinding services. Visitors select a point of interest, such as a restaurant, and the Vgreet can display a guided tour and email the route to the visitors.  

There are also live traffic updates – important in LA when avoiding incidents – as well as tourist information and a fun feature that enables people to take a selfie on top of a famous LA landmark. 

“This has been a very interesting project. It’s a pleasure to work with the LAWA technology teams to build a unique customer-assistance tool that streamlines processes and improves the customer journey” 

— Justin Chandler, Head of Projects, Vpod 

Vpod believes there’s potential for Vgreet visitor management system to improve the customer experience in other parts of LAX, such as providing remote advisors for the self-service passport control booths at immigration, with the added benefit of face-to-face help via video chat. 

​Vgreet’s effective visitor management in tourism is believed to significantly improve visitor experience in LAX, which can be applied to visitor management in visitor tourism destinations with large numbers of visitors. Its software integration can be further applied to tourist attraction manager’s task such as photo capturing features for visitor monitoring, regulating visitor access to different areas, instant notifications for unwanted or blocked visitors, and more. 


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