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LifePlus Clinics is a new health and beauty wellbeing brand that has recently moved into premises at Harley Street, the world’s most recognisable address for health related practitioners. Offering a wide range of services, LifePlus is a pioneer in non-surgical treatment in both physiotherapy, aesthetics and sexual health, recognising a growing demand for less-invasive, shorter recovery time treatments.

“The LifePlus concept came about because more and more people want to find effective treatment programmes which they can attend, complete and recover from quickly under one roof. Convenience is a key factor in people’s busy lifestyles, and the consumer facing health market has been slow to recognise this,” says LifePlus founder and CEO Chris Schiel.

“So with our flagship clinic opening in Harley Street, it was essential for us that appointments, scheduling and consultations were all seamlessly integrated and frustration free. Vpod have been able to build a complete digital solution for us to help us do that. Also important was that it was centred around a professional video calling solution, that gave us a real USP compared to our competitors.”

“LifePlus are grateful to Vpod that in all the stress and pressure of setting up a market-first venture like this, the digital aspect was not one we had to worry about”

— Chris Schiel, LifePlus founder and CEO

A digital future

The key digital touchpoint is Vgreet at LifePlus’ premises on Harley Street which provides visitor management to help visitors check-in for their appointment quickly and easily, showcases the treatments on offer and also displays demonstration videos.

This however, is only a small part of a much deeper digital solution. Via Vpod’s Dialog remote expert solution, LifePlus can enable patients to schedule appointments, allowing them access to the clinic’s experts for consultations at a time and a place that suits them. This means that every treatment visit can be perfectly focussed on the patient’s needs — as much of the initial consultation process need not happen at the clinic itself.

“The best treatment programmes are often a mixture of complimentary approaches — and can involve other factors,” says Life Plus Practitioner Genevieve Knodell. For instance an aesthetic or pain related condition can make an initial clinic consultation difficult for our patients, Over Dialog, we have the ability to discuss the underlying problem over professional video and establish a possible treatment plan with a patient before they’ve ever set foot in our clinic which ensures both sides valuable time is used to maximum effect and preparations are easy”

“I think the best thing though,” Knodell continues “is that all this takes place face-to-face. When it comes to personal health, we’ve found that a real, human connection is such an advantage in helping patients get the most from any consultation, it’s something you just don’t get talking over the phone. Our patients can simply schedule a video call at a time that suits them — and we’ll always have the right experts on hand to help, even if the patient or the consultant are overseas — with is a huge advantage when dealing with high end health clients, and top end professors and consultants as both clients, and the experts, have extremely hectic schedules.”

In the expensive world of London rental space, especially in such a competitive and world-famous location, it was crucial that LifePlus was up, running and getting footfall quickly — so any infrastructure had to be in place before they opened their doors. Vpod’s modular approach meant the clinic was ready for business from day one.

“Because we have already completed the software development for many of the applications LifePlus require, it was easy to build a bespoke system from these fundamental building blocks providing the functionality LifePlus needed — quickly, and at a low initial investment,” says Vpod Head of Projects, Justin Chandler. “Also, given the sensitivity of patient data, security was paramount to any system we created."

“We were able to create branded interfaces for the Vgreet and video calling systems and test them before the clinic opened — so they were reliable and ready to go from the off; and by being able to easily integrate their third-party booking system into our solution, it meant there was no downtime or frustration in the change over. This obviously helped reduce the time and costs elements of the project, but most importantly, it makes for a robust and reliable platform for them to build upon in the future,” Chandler concludes.

“LifePlus are grateful to Vpod that in all the stress and pressure of setting up a market-first venture like this, the digital aspect was not one we had to worry about”, continues Schiel. “We were able to take bookings, check-in visitors and give remote consultations — from day one.

“The initial feedback on both the treatment programmes we offer, and the customer experience, has shown there is a real enthusiasm for this new kind of clinic”, Schiel continues. “So now, we’re able to look to build-on the wellbeing aspect of the brand, and the next step is expanding our digital platform into a bespoke LifePlus application. This will enable our patients to access the wealth of expert advice we have — and also receive multiple benefits, such as promotions and event invitations, just for being a regular LifePlus user— and all from their desktop or smart device. We hope to allow LifePlus patients to create their own tailor-made wellbeing plan, because we know every patient is unique.

“There are many stakeholders in LifePlus: customer, practitioner, consultant, professor, landlord; so the challenge was for a single solution to provide ease-of-use for all these users — whilst allowing the sharing of data across all these verticals. We also knew it had to be future proof — we’re already looking at integrating our devices directly into the system, for the deep-drilled data capture of treatment activity — and to also allow wearable tech to contribute to the ‘picture’ we’re building of our customers — so when these new technologies come online, we don’t have to go back to the drawing board.

“By creating and delivering a fantastic ‘Phase One’ of the digital solution we needed — one that meant we could just concentrate on making the clinic a market leader and innovator — we know that in Vpod, we have a fantastic partner to help us achieve our ambitious goals.”

A lot of behind the scenes work was needed to ensure a successful launch for LifePlus Clinics’ new flagship venue at prestigious Harley Street — Vpod ensured the its digital platform was up and running from day one

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