Why invest in lockers if they are not intelligent?

Break the paradigm and save money


At Vpod we look for ways to drive just two things:

  • Efficiency

  • The Experience


As a software company we have taken a different approach after asking these basic questions:

  • Why have a locker for every different purpose?

  • Why use expensive real estate for storage, without optimising the space you use?

  • Why not have all three workflows for Parcels, IT/Assets, Day Lockers in one Hybrid solution?  


The Vpod Locker Approach 


  • We have a management level of software that controls the lockers and Integrations.

  • And a user interface that controls the three different workflows for Parcels, Assets and Day lockers.

  • Users book or access lockers from hardware that's either built into the locker bank or stand-alone.

  • A web browser gives access to the folk booking in advance.

  • We manufacture the lockers in Germany, in our own factory, giving us complete control of the combined process.  

Unlike furniture manufacturers, we are interested in selling you the right locker solution, not as many lockers as we can.

So no dealing with people who don't understand the lock mechanisms and software.

No dealing with furniture folk that want the lockers business and will sell the cheapest lock they can.

The result is you get the solution that works for your facilities team and workplace. 

We only do smart locks, that work for your business, with no keys or battery-operated options, as they cost more to run in the long term and deliver an inferior service.

Locker Management Software

Control lockers and integrations

Hybrid Locker Management

Manage multiple locker workflows:

  • IT / Asset 

  • Day / Hybrid worker 

  • Parcel / Post


How does a hybrid locker solution deliver benefits to facilities teams?

  • No more need for lockers for each type of use, be it Parcel, Day or Asset lockers

  • One locker bank for all 3 workflows

  • Take 30% of the lockers you need to buy

  • Use 30% less, expensive real estate for storage 

  • Make your storage solution work harder.  

Space is expensive


We, therefore, try to reduce the space you need for lockers by making them work harder.

So how do we do that?

When we looked at lockers we found single purpose lockers average 70% locker utilisation.

Does that mean you are buying 30% more lockers than your using?

That means lockers are utilising 30% more floor space than they need to.


Worse those lockers need circulation space:

  • For doors to open

  • For people to pass when the doors are open

So you are not simply wasting 30% of the lockers space, it's that, plus door opening space and passing space.

At a time when:

  • Everyone has been reviewing the real estate portfolio, any underutilised space is under scrutiny

  • And at a time when 5 days a week in the office, for most are now 3 days a week, assets need to work harder and therefore need managing.

  • Assigned desks, lockers are now more often, "booked" for specific time periods and shared.

  • So our locker solution is to deliver a better experience for the user

    • One place for parcels or post

    • One place for IT or asset pick up and drop off

    • One place for day lockers storage 

    • Make it accessible from the web, mobile or kiosks

    • With a touchless interface   

Hence the hybrid locker solution was born!

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