MapsIndoors by Mapspeople is designed to make navigation inside large indoor spaces easier and stress-free and to unlock new ways for you to increase your revenue.

Mapspeople Applications - Interactive Mapping indoor and outdoor


The indoor wayfinding platform can be used at any large venue such as airports, shopping centres, convention centers, universities, hospitals, corporate offices and sports arenas.

MapsIndoors has a range of benefits:

The solution is built on Google Maps, which ensures a seamless transition from outside to inside your venue plus a high level of familiarity, as everyone is used to the map design and functionality.


Furthermore, you can easily update location based data such as points of interest on the map via the MapsIndoors Content Management System (CMS). MapsIndoors can be integrated with an indoor positioning system, which is where Vgreet comes into its own, delivering even more potential, giving directions within Vgreet to Meeting Rooms, Desks, Utilities and Services within the building.

Within Vgreet, MapsIndoors provides an efficient, easy to use indoor interactive mapping solution. When checking-in at a Vgreet, the MapsIndoors integration tells visitors where their meeting is and also how to find their way to the meeting room from reception.

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