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Moneypenny is the world’s leading outsourced provider to small and large businesses for delivering brilliant customer conversations. Established in 2000 and based right here in the UK, Moneypenny’s 1000-strong team delivers telephone answering, live chat, switchboard and customer support services to over 21,000 businesses. Each and every client benefits from their unique mix of extraordinary people and ground-breaking technology to answer calls and live chat exactly as if based in-house. 


Moneypenny’s team is on hand 24/7 to look after everything your in-house team does and more - now including on-demand video concierge support. By joining forces with Vpod, Moneypenny Receptionists can now greet and assist visitors via video through the Vgreet unit. Working as a seamless extension of your front of house team, their highly-skilled receptionists will safely direct visitors to where they need to be.

Moneypenny Services

Each and every client benefits from their unique mix of extraordinary people and ground-breaking technology to answer video, audio calls and live chat, exactly as if based in-house.

Why the Vpod partnership with Moneypenny?

Simple a fixed number of staff with highly volatile visitor numbers is flawed as a consistent service delivery solution.

You either have too many staff or not enough.

Vpod's digital visitor management solution removes the pressure enabling you to overflow to Moneypenny PA's.

Hence the term the elastic reception, use as many minutes as your visitor traffic requires.


Moneypenny Integration

Vpod’s visitor management solution, Vgreet, PAs now connect with customers via video.

A simple voice instruction "help" and you are connected by "video link" to a Moneypenny PA.

  • The integration enables facilities teams to benefit from an elastic front of house team

  • In its simplest form for a multiple person reception team simply add "peak traffic" cover 

  • At the next level cover training staff and sickness with Vgreet and Moneypenny

  • Or re-assign staff to services by adding digital reception capacity

  • Or in the case of a single person reception, remove the "single point of failure" 

  • For those with unmanned receptions that have always had to compromise on customer experience here's the answer, a combined digital and on demand service.


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"They are a natural fit adding a new eco-system solution to our offering - the elastic reception. Both Moneypenny and Vpod are very focused on delivering the highest levels of efficiency and customer experience and together we deliver options the facilities managers never had before, a flexible solution to a flexible workload."

- Simon Hunt, Sales and Marketing Director Vpod


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