Centralize and capture critical data around global facility occupancy and utilization to make real estate leasing and buying decisions based on real-time metrics across departments, usage and access trends.

  • Use near real-time metrics to evaluate your real estate portfolio investment 

  • Actively manage space utilization and workstation assignments across departments 

  • Understand your true occupancy and utilization per square foot costs 

  • Spot trends in occupancy patterns across regions, departments and months of the year 

  • Understand with complete confidence where real estate investments need to be made to support the business 

The HID SAFE Facilities Analytics solution provides real estate and facility management departments a self-service interface for extracting and analyzing data from across different business units and their different applications (HR, IT, Physical Security).


SAFE Facilities Analytics allows users to see real-time and trending analyses of individual properties, regional occupancy, and utilization levels, all from the same dashboard. Users can quickly gain an understanding of which departments or regions most underutilize space physically assigned to them in buildings.


By having a complete understanding of their real utilization, organizations using SAFE Facilities Analytics can understand where real estate investment dollars really need to be spent. The HID solution can be offered as a part of Vgreet and Vdesk's integrated visitor management system.