Remote expert — a new way to connect your customers

Many businesses experience a familiar problem. You already possess the expertise your customers need, but how can you provide access to it that is both immediate and convenient?

Remote Expert ensures that your customers can speak to the person they require, face-to-face, to address their query. Whether it relates to sales, support or any other service you offer, this ability to communicate directly can happen across multiple channels meaning your customers can speak to whom they need, when they want.

There are solutions in existence, which do begin to address this area, but they are often vanilla video - point to point or conferencing. Audio public exchanges (PBX) have allowed the ability to route calls accordingly but they lack the humanising element.

A prime example of an area where customer interaction is frustrating is healthcare. The average wait time for a doctor’s appointment in the UK is two weeks, hardly the symbol of an on-demand society. Solutions are being evaluated to allow direct video calls direct to a practitioner, but then there’s the problem of capacity. Whilst communicating via video is convenient, if it doesn’t take the Doctor out of the surgery, route calls effectively and offers 27/4 access, then is it really adding benefit?

With Remote Expert, the barriers to effective customer engagement are removed. Customers can call from their smart device within their own home, at a time that’s convenient and because you can build a global network of responding experts, no call goes unanswered. Frustration about specialist queries not being answered correctly is also removed. With Remote Expert, the first call responder can add other experts to the call at the touch of a button, making sure the most relevant information can be provided. They can instantly share information, removing any barrier to the query being resolved fully and promptly.

It’s not just healthcare that is finding the ability to manage their customer communications a challenge. Other verticals such as retail and banking have found placing experts at customer’s disposable is key to maximizing response times and purchase influence. By consolidating expertise, organisations also significantly reduce costs.

Vpod has helped its clients by not only creating a truly flexible communication solution which treats video in the same way as audio, they have also ensured no large cost outlays to implement, by making a flexible modular system that has been developed in-house. There are no punitive development costs in set up, and no need to change internal process to suit the system —VPods communications tools are designed around the workflow and not the other way round.

Perhaps the most compelling part of Remote Expert is that it’s so convenient to both the experts and customer. Whether the call originates via a smartphone or an acoustically treated pod located within a shopping Centre, bank or clinic, the process is the same — instant access to the person they need, to solve the query quickly and effectively. Calls can even be scheduled to suit a customer’s busy lifestyle. The concept of only being able to contact your bank / Doctor ‘in-hours’ can finally be a thing of the past, something that will become vital as people’s lifestyles grow increasingly more demanding.

While communications is one of the most rapidly expanding and technologically advanced aspects of modern life, the customer facing aspect of this phenomena has often lagged behind its potential— it’s still all too often a world of frustration, inconvenience and monolithic audio call centers.

“With Remote Expert, the barriers to effective customer engagement are removed”