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Updated: Feb 5

Lockdown might be easing — but now people have some very real concerns over their fiscal futures, so it’s vital that financial businesses keep their communication channels open

Online banking reaches its limit

The management of money online has been on an inexorable drive in the last decade. Where once paying a bill via a website might have seemed like a novelty, it’s now part and parcel of many people’s daily lives — so much so, that people wondered if the high street branch’s days were numbered.

So in theory, finance was well placed for the new online world of the pandemic? Not quite.

Cash is not just about convenience

Thing is, there’s a world of difference between paying a couple of bills online and discussing life’s crucial financial matters.

When it comes to the big decisions we have about our money: mortgages, loans, pensions — we feel we make better choices when we are empowered and informed — and that usually happens after we’ve discussed them with a real person, not an avatar.

During the pandemic, many banks and financial businesses found their websites and apps were unable to flex up to the huge demand from its customers wanting to discuss money matters. Where once call-volume was in retreat, suddenly phones were lighting up with concerned customers, yet with call centres closed and remaining staff overwhelmed, there were even less people to answer them.

Just when customers needed them most, advisors were incredibly hard to reach.

Get a solution, not another widget

Lockdown might be easing, but many factors are still in effect — social distancing, restrictions on office capacity, call centres still closed — and banks are justifiably worried how they will cope with these new guidelines ongoing, especially as the number of concerned customers wanting to get in contact is going up, not down.

So, that all means banks probably need to look to a complete overhaul of their apps and websites?

Again (and thankfully). Not quite.

“Thing is, there’s a world of difference between paying a couple of bills online and discussing life’s crucial financial matters”

Not just statements and bills: Online banking can be personal and empowering

You’ve got love a quick win…

The branch is back!

Vgreet assists staff, helps customers and keeps everyone safe in-branch. From automatic check-ins, temperature screening and queue management, it can all happen totally contactlessly to keep footfall moving.

Let’s keep talking

Keep in touch face-to-face with your customers to discuss those key questions. Dialog helps you create a same-space experience remotely, so your advisors can be located anywhere.

Take the branch to your customers!

Pods quickly and effectively create private spaces — breaking up large areas into more manageable and socially-distanced environments. If your customers are there, your advisors can be anywhere.

Think of the future. Think fast

It’s now a crucial time for your business, as customers try to plan their financial futures.

The most successful banks and businesses will be the ones who make discussing those crucial decisions simple, by creating frustration-free empowering experiences that customers can trust.

Will keeping in touch and supporting your customers with personal and prompt advice help solve all their problems?

Not quite.

But it will help.

Want to keep talking? Contact the Vpod team today.