Case Study: Vpod Solutions & British Council

Updated: Oct 28, 2021



With the successful deployment of Vgreet’s across several of Vodafone’s offices, they decided to take it to market and provide their customers with quality Visitor Management Solutions. They have been working closely with Vpod Solutions to deliver a first-class service to their customers – starting with British Council. They deployed Vgreet, which is an automated check-in system for visitors and help desk for employees, in their new HQ in Stratford.


About British Council

The British Council acts as the UK’s leading international culture and education organisation. They build “mutually beneficial relationships between people in the UK and other countries and to increase appreciation of the UK's creative ideas and achievements".

The British Council is responsible for celebrating and promoting British culture, language and business around the world. Their new headquarters are located in London’s East End at 1 Redman Place, Stratford.

The Challenges

With a new HQ based in Stratford, British Council recognised the need to implement Visitor Management Solutions. They wanted to create an efficient and memorable experience for both their visitors and employees. They were looking for a solution that would help deliver a smooth and automated check-in process for visitors, as well as an intuitive and efficient tool for their employees.



Vpod deployed a total of 5 Vgreets to the British Council office, custom-designed to mirror their iconic branding.

2 based on the ground floor for visitor use

Equipped with 6 additional languages, Vgreet for Visitors has the ability to contact reception as well as live travel updates to assist their commuting visitors.

3 based on the first floor for employee use The Employee based solution, Vgreet for Employees, provides full access to the facilities and support features in the workplace.

Key Impacts & Benefits of Vgreet Automated Check In System

Seamless, Express Check In

Vgreet Automated Check-in System starts the process before the guest has even left for their commute.

The personalised meeting invite is sent to the visitor which allows them to pre-register before their arrival. This ensures they move swiftly through reception, avoiding queues, health risks and without the need to disrupt reception staff from their tasks.

The invitation also includes important details about their meeting, a photo of their house in the event they’ve never met before, as well as the hosts, contact details should the visitor need to get in touch beforehand.

Once a visitor arrives on site and checks in, a guest arrival notification is sent to the host and informs the visitor which meeting room to head to – with all of the wayfinding details. This means that the visitor isn’t wasting time trying to find their meeting space and can feel confident they won’t feel lost in an unfamiliar setting.

Contactless Check In

With touchless technology, visitors and employees are able to check in without having to make contact with the kiosk or with another person. The sensors on the Vgreet will recognise their arrival and signal to the visitor to set up the kiosk. They can then choose between using the contactless or voice-activated technology and continue the check-in process by following the instructions on the Vgreet.

Secure Access

A QR code is also issued, which acts as the individuals key to the access control systems in the building once they’ve completed the check-in process – without having to ask for any intervention from reception staff.

4 features for the Ultimate Employee Experience

Vgreet for Employees Self Service is a highly effective tool that allows the workplace to work for the employee, rather than the employee working around the confines of their workplace.

With intuitive and intelligent technology, Vgreet connects all facilities and resources for the people using the workspace to improve digital employee experience – making them quickly visible, accessible and ready on demand.

Desk Booking

The Vgreets on the first floor of the building are there to support employees within their workplace.

From the Vgreet kiosk, they are able to safely book a desk at work. They simply approach a Vgreet, choose a desk to work from and confirm their choice by scanning their employee ID card. This allows British Council to ensure rigorous sanitisation protocols are completed.

Travel and Weather Information

Employees and visitors are able to use a multitude of functions to support them on their journey to and from the office. On the Vgreet kiosk, they can check train times, tube status and use Google Maps to search for points of interest around the building. They are also able to check the weather conditions and arrange for a taxi if needed.

Help desk

British Council can now centralise their Help Desk function globally to be delivered via the virtual concierge function on Vgreet across the floors of their building.

If employees or visitors require assistance at any point they can press or say help and in seconds they’ll be connected to a centralised team of Guest Service professionals who work in a dedicated office. They’ll be able to guide the user via video call and provide the necessary support.

Way Finding

Employees and visitors are able to navigate the building easily through Vgreet’s dynamic Wayfinding. They can access the map from their mobile phone through SMS or by scanning a QR code at the Vgreet, to display a browser of the live maps that lead them right up to their destination – ensuring they get where they need to be on time and efficiently.


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