“Banks around the world are in the midst of a sweeping digital transformation agenda, yet for many, realizing the true potential of these changes remain elusive”

— Deloitte, Insights

If digital channels are sweeping all before them, why are branches still a key part of a customer’s banking experience? Deloitte has a fascinating article on why a physical location is still relevant in a digital world.

Interesting to note their finding regarding blending the human touch with technology and the link to customer satisfaction:

“Blend the human touch with technology. One-third of the customers in our survey said they would be open to using branches more if banks offered certain digital capabilities that would enhance convenience. These enhancements included extending service hours through virtual remote services with a representative (36 percent), offering digital self-service screens with a representative’s help if needed (34 percent), and being able to schedule a virtual video meeting with a bank representative(31 percent). Interestingly, all of these options focus on how digital can drive high-touch interactions with a bank representative, either remotely or in-person. While these approaches are not new, they are not yet widespread, although more banks are beginning to experiment with them.”

Read the full article here

Vpod knows the power of the personal, which is why we’re working to ensure customers are always being engaged — even in a self-serve, online culture — by mixing the best of digital and real-life experience.