Beat the queues as you return to retail

Updated: Feb 5

People are as keen to get back to shopping in stores, as retailers are to open their doors, but how can you ensure new safety guidelines don’t make for a frustrating return for everyone?

If you’re a retailer who’s looking to be open for business as we leave lockdown, you might be finding you have a lot more questions than answers.

How do we help people find what they need?

Are there too many people in the store?

Is there anything I can do to screen people coming in?

It can seem a bit overwhelming, but people want to return to work, and customers want to return to the shops…

…so, given the circumstances, a little helping hand wouldn’t go amiss.

Suggestions, guidelines or rules?

There’s a lot of information out there, so many retailers are finding it hard to work out what are the most safe and sensible things to implement for their store. However, where once hiring extra staff might have seemed the way forward when trying to adapt to big changes, that’s not really an option in a socially-distanced world.

The virtual sales assistant that’s always free to help

The long queues we’re seeing outside stores, show that shopping will never be a totally online pastime, but, stores do have to adapt and face up to a very different future nonetheless. But how? Maybe there is some whizzy tech solution out there — but with businesses being under financial strain, it’s probably out of your budget? And anyway — it’s probably really difficult to implement?

Maybe not.

Vpod’s Vgreet is a true solution, because it works within your existing set-up and helps you make the most of your people, not replace them.

And like any great solution, it just makes everyone’s life just that little easier — and best of all, in todays s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d circumstances, there’s no significant outlay to get you up and running.

For retailers, Vgreet can discreetly temperature screen customers as they arrive, monitor footfall to avoid crowd build-up and also make sure your customers can find what they want easily — meaning a lot less wandering around your new one-way systems. It’s a hugely effective tool to keep people moving through your store, making for a much less frustrating experience for your customers, very important if they’ve already had to queue once just to get through the door.

The long queues seen outside shops as they look to reopen shows that people want to get back to the high street and spend, but how do stores manage the new normal without hiring new staff?

“Now, suddenly your sales team can breathe a little easier knowing the all ‘tasks’ that get in the way of their ‘job’ are taken care of”

Vgreet goes far beyond simple signage and kiosk functions; it can demo products, greet returning customers via face recognition, take payments, check stock levels — and with its extensive video connection applications, it means customers can easily connect to your experts wherever they are, so you can have as big a sales force as you need, without adding to staffing levels in-store.

Now, suddenly your sales team can breathe a little easier knowing the all “tasks” that get in the way of their “job” are taken care of.

Vgreet: Now your stores can be open for business

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