Updated: Feb 5

Branch-in-a-Box: The Vpod platform means you can bring your branches to customers, wherever they are.

The big five for banking

1. Enabling joined up customer journeys

Start video enabled customer engagement online or in your app and move to branch or full interview from home all on one platform. Nice!

2. Keeping people in service processes at a price you can afford

In an increasingly self-service world, being able to keep service staff in the process at a price you can afford is a challenge. That is why we built our platform.

3. Blending digital and physical assets to delight customers

Extracting maximum value from your physical and digital assets is key to an efficient distribution model. Our platform allows you to do this with a combination of self-service and fully advised processes in branches than can be smaller, have fewer staff members while selling more product and delighting customers.

4. Increasing the productivity of costly regulated advisors

Fully trained and supervised regulatory advisors are expensive and increasingly difficult to hire. Enabling them to connect with customers anywhere and anytime significantly increases their productivity so return on investment is easily proved.

5. Enabling new branch models – Branch in a Box

With a Vpod environment, you can now locate your branch where your customers are. From shopping malls to retail parks, staffed or completely non-staffed, banking can now be as convenient as a local shop.

Vpod means banking can now ensure all aspects of its business can engage with its customers across a single, seamless platform. From providing information and self-serve help in-branch, to connecting advisors to customers at any location and time, it’s not a mass of individual and costly systems, just a simple way to allow you to do business quicker, smarter and cheaper.

It’s also a system you build to adapt to your unique business needs. Open architecture allows the platform to plug into your existing processes and a modular approach means you only buy the functionality you need — and then grow it to expand your customer engagement programme — all from a reasonable initial price point.