Blink and you won't miss it

Responsive advertising is going to be big in 2015; consumers expect brands to treat them as individuals. The DAILIES TOTAL1 campaign used responsive advertising to ensure it got a reaction from passers-by.

The technology is remarkably similar to the remote expert system Vpod employs. It encourages passers-by, and those waiting at bus stops, to interact with the contact lens brand by having a staring competition with four different characters on the screen at the bus shelter. If they beat ‘The Boss’, ‘The Bling Girl’, ‘The Hipster’, or ‘The Nanna’ at staring, they win money off the product. The screen prints out a voucher for the winner – much in the same way that the Vgreet’s video receptionist prints out security passes on demand.

Have a look at the video below. The campaign shows how innovative technology can be used to engage consumers by treating them as actual people.