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Updated: Jun 2

Vpod are pleased to announce a series of tools that help identify areas of improvement for anyone looking to implement or improve their visitor management solution.

How much does a visitor management system cost?


If you're looking to understand visitor management system's cost, our calculators are a fantastic tool for you.

Our calculators allow the user to calculate digital efficiency and ROI, as well as understand the capabilities they can unlock with a combination of receptionists and Vgreet. They are designed to give an initial indication of how improvements can be made with the implementation of one Vgreet or more. As such, they're particularly helpful for anyone who might be considering a Vgreet visitor management solution in their organisation.

Taking the cost of not having an efficient visitor management system into consideration, you can further understand how much money you can save. For us, it's not all about saving money, the Vgreet customers we see are implementing a new solution for three options:

  1. Some are going for savings

  2. That's often superseded by experience, the desire for a "white glove approach"

  3. And in others they are taking the digital efficiency and repurposing staff

The four calculators tools that are now available are:


When it comes to the price, we always recommend you considering the Return on Investment instead of how much money you are going to spend. You can find answers from Vodafone's Return On Investment of £80k in year 1 and £175k in year 2 with Vgreet. However, the questions are not just about the price, but its impact in an uncertain time.

Discover your potential Return on Investment with a Vgreet solution.

Digital Efficiency Calculator

The concept of digital efficiency is based on the number one focus of visitor management, removing two things:

We have seen efficiency level gains of 70% with massive gains from the adoption of the "challenger approach". The challenger approach is simple; challenge every workflow step, every process and the data source. The data source we mean here is the manually process you need when managing visitor's detail. Is your processes include a "secretary tells reception" or "we manually key it into this system" or "we invite the visitor management system to the meeting"?

Discover how efficient your visitor management solution currently is.

Repurpose Staff

Once you deliver the elastic reception with Vgreet , you can repurpose your staff to let them focus on more complicated tasks. Move your reception teams to safer, more positive environments, or completely outsource whilst upgrading safety.

Understand how to create efficiencies in your front of house operation

White Glove Experience

If you're looking to enhance your front of house service but staying within your annual budget, we can help. Our white glove experience calculator will show you how to deliver a first-class, VIP experience to your visitors, but taking the current financial climate into consideration.

Find out how to deliver exceptional service.


Each calculator will give you an indicative idea of visitor management cost for your organisation.

You can access tools at vpodsolutions.com/vpod-calculators, and are available to use now.

About Vpod Visitor Management

Vpod combine people and technology to create unique tech solutions in digital visitor management. Vpod’s flagship product, Vgreet visitor management system, is a solution which takes care of the entire visitor management process, leaving front of house staff to focus on providing visitors with a warm welcome. With touchless check-in, a digital receptionist help service, Microsoft room booking integrations and much more, Vgreet visitor management system delivers a first-class solution.

Watch our Vgreet visitor management journey video here


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