Updated: Feb 5

The new look for Vgreet

We are constantly looking at ways to improve and update our products, improving designs both in terms of looks and simplifying solutions. The Japanese call it 'Kaizen', the art of continual improvement.

The new update of our Vgreet unit is our most refined yet. By replacing the older, infrared touch-recognition system, which featured in previous designs, with smart-device style capacitive technology, it means not only is the screen now ultra-responsive to gestures, it also allows it to sit flush to the unit for a much sleeker, more stylish appearance.

Other refinements include a smart, single linear grille for the speakers and a discreet camera housing, making the Vgreet a stylish addition to any reception, retail space, bank or health centre — indeed anywhere where customer communications need to be up close and personal.

The evolution of the Vgreet unit to the new sleek flush-front design.

Design details up close.