Updated: Feb 5

Vpod is helping financial companies put the personal back into dealing with their customers

The changing face of high-street banking

The huge surge in online financial has provided a real benefit to customers wanting to manage their money quickly and easily, but it came at the cost of a bank’s high-street presence with many branches seeming like an afterthought — and who pays cheques in these days?

Some banks though are returning to the idea of “branch is the brand”, wanting to have a physical presence in the high street, and by extension the community. This is leading to banks thinking of branches more as “stores” and “community hubs”, just as bookshops looked to giving people a great experience introducing special launch events, coffee bars and comfortable surroundings, so you might start to find anything from yoga and pilates next to the foreign exchange desk.

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Vpod products such as Vgreet, Pods and Dialog are bringing online-style convenience to the high-street

The BBC reports… Do check out this excellent article over at the BBC Website — and see how the marble hallways of old are being changed over to soft-furnishings and co-work spaces — as the financial services sector seeks to get customers back into its branches.

“[Branches remain] an essential part of banks’ operations and customer-advisory functions”

— McKinsey and Company