Top Contactless Visitor Management Features to Return To the Workplace

Updated: Nov 17

Contactless Visitor Management: How can offices be Covid secure?

As offices, shops, clinics and other public spaces seek to define their ‘new normal’, many are finding their existing processes will need to be updated for the new reality. Visitor management systems (vms) can be a useful tool when looking to change your visitor management solution.

Contactless Visitor Management System Features

Best visitor management system features

  • Host meeting booking

  • Guest details & visitor log creation

  • Branded Invite

  • Pre-registration

  • Pass Printing & Security Access

  • Host Notifications

  • Meeting Room Wayfinding

  • Branding and Customisation

  • Contactless check-in

  • Voice Command

  • Contactless QR codes

  • Temperature Detection

  • Motion detectors

  • Virtual reception

Advanced Features of Visitor Management System

1) Host meeting booking

Meeting rooms scheduling can be done through the visitor management system. Employees can choose their own room, and facilities managers have full administration over this process and can implement a method to suit their department and organisation.

2) Guest Details & Visitor Log Creation

After the meeting details have been inputted to Outlook, guest details can be taken. Once your guest details have been submitted, our integrated system saves these details as a visitor log. Returned visitors can save time for checking in and a great experience is ensured.

Changes made to the meeting are automatically reflected in your visitors booking and they’ll be updated should any changes occur. Condeco sync keeps track of changes and updates Condeco calendars as well as Outlook, so you’ll always be in the know.

3) Branded Invite

Branded invites will give your visitors a feel for who you are and what your company represents.

4) Pre-registration

Save time in the reception with pre-registration options and send self-certification options through to your visitors before they set off for the meeting, documents such as health and safety information, wi-fi passwords, host's contact details and on-location codes of conduct can be shared prior to arrival.

5) Pass Printing & Security Access

Control which areas of the building your visitors have access to, including restricted level access and door entry. Integrate your chosen security barriers with Vgreet, streamlining processes even further.

6) Host Notifications

The host gets notified when the visitor arrives. If your visitor is running late, they can notify the host using the contact details supplied during pre-registration.

7) Meeting Room Wayfinding

Visitors won't get confused after checking in as they are given directions to their meeting room, including which floor to choose in the elevator and which direction to turn once they arrive at the correct level.

8) Branding and Customisation

From the meeting invite to the kiosk's display, everything can be branded and customised to impress your visitor by your organised workplace.

Features of Contactless Visitor Management System

Some physical visitor management systems now provide COVID-19 relevant features, such as contactless check-in and thermal screening. Ultimately, visitor management systems can be a great way to create a COVID-19 secure workplace, whilst still providing a seamless visitor experience. The Visitor Management System Features to insure contactless visitor management include:

  1. Contactless check-in

  2. Voice Command

  3. Contactless QR codes

  4. Temperature Detection

  5. Motion detectors

  6. Virtual reception

Contactless visitor management features that make your workplace safe

Vpod Visitor Management

At Vpod we develop unique, digital customer experience solutions for the likes of Visitor Management in all sectors. We combine technology with people to create empowered and engaging visitor management solutions.

Founded in 2008, Vpod has an ever-increasing list of established customers such as Vodafone, Barclays, HSBC, NM Money, CBRE, BNP, Mitie, Workspace Group, The Alan Turing Institute, Microsoft, Google, The BBC, LAX, Essex Council, Essex Police and many more. These pedigree enterprise customers set standards in the facilities management visitor management space with effective visitor management software, visitor management systems and a visitor management app.

Vpod Visitor Management approach

We provide end to end solutions for companies wanting to improve engagement with their visitors, whilst reducing costs, efficiency whilst enhancing the experience. We work with individual organisations to automate, personalise and transform their visitor management systems.

Contactless visitor management: Visitor Management should not look like this?

The ‘new normal’ across the globe, the COVID-19 lockdown is being relaxed as Governments look to ease back into economic activity. In addition, people seek to rediscover human interaction, albeit under social distancing guidelines. We have discussed the challenges for facility managers during a global pandemic, but what actions can we take?

Vodafone has found that using Vgreet revolutionised their visitor management systems, vastly speeding up footfall at busy times

A contactless system for the ‘new normal’

Our contactless visitor management system, the Vgreet

Our Vgreet visitor management system has always excelled at assisting existing reception teams, streamlining contactless visitor management in buildings without receptions, supporting facilities management staff and managing footfall by streamlining routine processes such as checking in. Vgreet’s powerful, automated visitor management features can be a significant factor in helping create a post-pandemic, safe working environment. Vgreet’s New Normal COVID secure features, such as motion detectors, voice recognition and QR code check-in combine to deliver a contactless check-in are vital in helping you create a COVID-safe workplace.

Contactless Visitor Management Features

1) The contactless check-in

As businesses look over their current visitor arrival and admission processes, many are seeing a potential minefield of issues that need to be addressed in a time of social-distancing.

Is this your visitor management 1st impression?

Queues, close-proximity human interactions, common surface touchpoints, footfall build-up at busy times — all are potential headaches for any organisation which want to ensure both the safety of staff and visitors, but also to minimise the risk of having to shut down a building that has only just reopened. Vpod and Vgreet are helping companies create a ‘contactless’ check-in visitor management system by minimising touchpoints, screening arrivals and keeping footfall moving — and in complicated times, it’s a very simple solution.

2) Voice Command

With the increasingly common, everyday artificial intelligence (AI) devices such as Amazon’s Echo and Google Home, people are becoming more comfortable with the new method of interacting with self-service devices: by voice.

3) QR Codes

Although they aren't necessarily new technology, QR codes have become a functional part of post-pandemic life, proving especially useful for track and trace systems. You can find them in magazines, on business cards, product labelling and displays. They have become so popular, users with a camera phone can scan the QR code to display text, a webpage, register attendance or enter data. QR code scanning is an ideal feature of the Vgreet when trying to implement a contactless environment; every appointment generates a unique code for your guests. On arrival, a simple scan kickstarts the entire admission process; checking-in, notifying hosts, printing passes, showing directions to meeting rooms — all automated, all happening in seconds and all importantly, without a single keypress.

“QR code scanning is an ideal feature of the Vgreet when trying to implement a contactless environment: Every appointment generates a unique code for your guests.”
Want your visitor management process decongested?

4) Temperature Detection

Previously only seen at some airports, thermal screening is going to become a far more familiar facet of everyday life. Vgreet’s contactless visitor management system with thermal imaging feature provides a fast, discreet and hands-free method of testing anyone visiting your premises for a raised temperature. The Vgreet’s stand-alone kiosk unit allow hands-free monitoring, so you can accurately screen visitors for an increased temperature whilst maintaining the correct social distance.

5) Motion detectors

When we think of interactive visitor management kiosks, what stereotypically comes to mind is the touch-enabled screens that are an expected part of today’s self-service devices. Recently – and even more so due to the pandemic - the concept of touchless interactivity has become a key part of many technologies company’s research and development. Vpod introduced motion detectors to remove the need to touch the screen, removing contamination risk.

6) Virtual Receptionist

Visitors can still get instant help through Vgreet's kiosk. Reception teams can be moved to safer, more positive environments. Move reception teams to a back office, centralised resource or completely outsource whilst upgrading safety.

Psychological safety

Psychological safety is crucial to employee and visitors at work; this has increased tenfold during the COVID-19 pandemic. Communicating the current risks with hazard tape, signage and plastic screens that you are going to put in the basement in 6-9 months will have the opposite effect with your team.

Long Term balanced View

Vpod has found that the leading Facilities Managers that want to wow the visitor have a keen eye on the post COVID world, where the perception of personal safety is vital. However, employees take a huge amount of comfort from not just the short-term return to work “tick in the box”, but the longer-term efficient process, as well as the upgrade experience which will impress customers, clients and partners.

“At Vpod we develop unique, digital customer experience solutions for the likes of Visitor Management in all sectors. We combine technology with people to create empowered and engaging visitor management solutions”

Scanning a simple QR code can kickstart the entire check-in procedure video here

Across the globe, the COVID-19 lockdown is being relaxed, as governments look to ease back into economic activity — and people seek to rediscover human interaction, albeit under social distancing guidelines.


What are the Visitor Management Features to return to the workplace?

  1. Contactless check-in

  2. Voice command

  3. Contactless QR codes

  4. Temperature detection

  5. Motion detectors

  6. Physical safety

Contactless Visitor Management: How can offices be Covid secure?

  • Introduce kiosks to your reception area

  • Use QR code scanning to register arrivals

  • Add contactless temperature detection

  • Introduce self-certification

  • Enable motion detectors to monitor guest arrivals

  • Create psychological safety

  • Think about the long-term impact

If you review your reception and arrival processes, you may realise you need to radically rethink how to be ready for when your staff and visitors return.

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