6 Benefits of Using Digital Receptionist for Your Visitor Management

Updated: May 27

With the trend of remote working leading to the growing demand of virtual receptionists, the need of saving cost while still delivering the best customer service has become crucial for workplace.

Should I use digital receptionists? Here are six benefits of digital receptionists to address your front of house challenges and deliver the best visitor experience and customer service for your business.

What is the role of a digital receptionist?

Digital receptionist deals with phone calls, take messages, forward calls, answer basic FAQs in another location for companies. Modern virtual video receptionist systems allow live, in-house or outsourced digital receptionist to greet visitors from remote locations through a video technology.

Digital receptionists can deliver face-to-face remote service through an integrated visitor management system, providing the first-class customer service but while enhancing workplace safety and saving cost. If a visitor need help, they can select an option that connects them to a digital receptionist that is located elsewhere in real-time.

Benefits of using digital receptionists

First, the maximum benefits can be delivered by a visitor management system that works with virtual receptionist provider to support customers while still delivering an outstanding experience in person.

Technology like visitor management systems should serve as an autonomous process that cut out manual tasks at your reception, while people like front office staff or digital receptionists still provide a tailored reception services and visitor experience.

Let us explain the benefits of this combination of digital receptionist and visitor management system.

1. Move from a reactive reception to an intuitive one

Reactive reception means:

  • Team members reacting to visitors and visitor traffic

  • Where queues are the norm at peak times

  • Receptionists have many manual tasks

  • Or worse, spending more time from one system to another as they are not connected to each other

Visitor management system can remove the queues and manual tasks at your reception area, your reception staff can focus on more complicated administrative tasks and provide a more personalised service. However, visitors can still access to human help by digital receptionists supporting your visitors' check in process,

2. Reduce receptionist's holiday and training cover costs

Hiring a full-time receptionist can be quite expensive, a typical scenario in a major European city like London is that multi reception teams have cover. That cover can cost £1534 a month for a team of six who require cover for 7/8 months a year, 6 months for holidays and a month plus for training, sickness etc.

With visitor management systems handling up to 20 people a minute, you can remove all cover costs and have extra capacity for peak hours to remove queues at your reception.

Further more, the cost-benefit is delivered by replacing a full-time receptionist with a virtual one and only paying for the time you spend on answering the calls, or repurposing your reception staff to other internal resources.

Use our ROI tool to calculate your savings with Vgreet

To read more, we have discussed how Vgreet can save money for different types of receptions.


3. Improve digital efficiency

How efficient is your reception? If one receptionist can process one visitor every two minutes, they can handle up to 240 visitors if they are dedicated to this task.

The concept of Digital Efficiency is based on removing manual processes and parts of workflows that require multiple touches. It varies by multiple reception teams, however, a quick workflow study will identify the manual tasks that the team are currently carrying out in a reactive capacity.

A customer workshop enables us to confirm the workflow findings and cross-match them with the options in a standard Vgreet visitor management system with a bit of customisation.

The variance tends to be 30-60% in a digital efficiency range which across a team of 5 equates to 2-3 receptionists that can be either:

  • Re-tasked to manage other tasks like digital post

  • Or upgraded to Concierge to really turn on the white glove welcome experience

If you look at concepts of measuring your reception's efficiency that the industry doesn't seem to measure yet like:

  • Visitor satisfaction or Net Promoter scores

  • Cost per visitor

  • Visitor capacity

  • Meetings starting on time

Then the value of the combination of Vgreet visitor management system and digital receptionist comes sharply into view.

Low-cost being per visitor!

An intuitive reception means the check-in work of a reactive reception is replaced by intuitive invites with helpful maps, automatic host notifications, touchless 3-second check-in, and a dedicated digital receptionist supporting the customer service.

4. Ensure the best customer service for single person reception

Having single receptionist is the single biggest source of frustration for the facilities team because:

  • It can easily become a single point of failure

  • Sickness, holiday, training require cover

  • Peaks in traffic deliver queues as they cannot cope and therefore frustration

  • Lulls in traffic can be worse and lead to intense boredom or worse staff turnover

  • Every time they turn over you get a bill for uniforms (£900), Training (£1,000) and recruitment time (£1,000)

We have discussed the challenges of receptionist visitor management after returning to work, a Vgreet digital receptionist is 24/7 and can handle up to 20 check-ins a minute with express QR code check-in.

5. A better visitor experience for the unmanned reception

Typically, Corporate Real Estate teams are now reassessing property portfolios.

Reducing long commute head offices in major cities (high cost) and upgrading the "spoke locations" in secondary cities to serve "hybrid workers".* However, whatever research you read shows the trend, more local offices, less commuting and a far higher expectation on the "Smart Office".

So what's the answer in these spoke locations? The old way "a bell" to call anyone down to answer the door? Not exactly smart!

Only one receptionist at your reception with the attendant costs and is a single point of failure, or a sophisticated digital receptionist that's 24/7 and can even act as reception security with its remote camera access?


Boston Consulting Group

Gartner 60% Hybrid Smart Office Preference

The Vgreet & Moneypenny exec PA upgrade

Adding the Moneypenny Exec PA service to Vgreet visitor management system is a simple "per minute" upgrade to your Vgreet that delivers the human factor with less cost and a more elastic approach.

A simple "Help" instruction and your visitor is connected to a Moneypenny's virtual receptionist service that has access to:

  • Your Vgreet to check someone in

  • Or address unforeseen circumstances

How does digital receptionist work with Vgreet visitor management system?

With efficient visitor management techniques in mind, your visitors are always ensured to have the best experience. Your visitor comes into your building with a pre-registered QR code to be scanned by Vgreet's kiosk, however, if there are unexpected visitors or the guest has no QR code to check-in, they still can be assisted by the digital receptionist.

This extra support from Moneypenny's digital receptionist work in this way:

  1. Need help ask for "help"

  2. Moneypenny's dedicated PA's answer

  3. Your PA Team know whose expected

  4. Can contact the host

  5. Relay messages

  6. Answer any query

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