Glowing write-up on the CBCI blog

There was a great write-up of the Vgreet on the CBCI Telecom blog, one of the leaders in the Canadian visual communication market, by Emilie Hébert. Read it in full here.

Emilie absolutely loved the Vgreet. She was extremely complimentary about what she called a ‘huge smartphone’ and its capabilities: ‘Thanks to the directional microphone and remote content management, interactions between the connected parties can be deeply immersive and meaningfully productive,’ she wrote. Emilie was also impressed by Vgreet’s design and versatility

"Effectively, the Vpod Vgreet opens up interactive face-to-face service options between experts and non-experts via video conferencing in a unique way. And when it’s not in use, the Vgreet can also serve as a gorgeous digital signage player! Its versatility comes, amazingly, at a pretty low price."

The post also mentions the extra features available, including motion sensors, door entry as well as light and heating options. The technology approaches sci-fi levels: ‘I’m really willing to bet that the designers of this system watched and loved all the same science fiction shows that I did while growing up! The Vgreet is not holographic messaging, but the user experience it provides is getting pretty close!’