Launching Visitor Management System For Multi-Tenant Office Building

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Vpod is delighted to announce the launch of our Visitor Management System for Multi-Tenant Buildings. The following topics are covered in today's blog:

  1. Why do we need visitor management systems for multi-tenant buildings?

  2. How multi-tenant visitor management system works

  3. Use Cases

  4. Benefits of Visitor Management Systems for Multi-Tenant Offices

  5. Summary with more resources

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Why do we need visitor management systems for multi-tenant buildings?

With the increase in home working, the desire to create a better workplace experience for employees and visitors is a key priority for those commencing their return-to-office programmes, across their estates. For years, there has been a great disconnect between ground floor reception and tenant reception on any other floor in the multi-tenant office space. They simply were not connected. Today, they can be.

With clever technology, we’ve managed to re-connect them – so when a visitor arrives in the main reception, the tenant they are visiting is notified and can prepare to greet them as they make their way to the meeting.


Right now, both landlords and businesses are faced with the difficult task of filling their buildings whilst ensuring that safety remains a priority. Our Visitor Management Systems for Multi-Tenant Offices gives a solution to the new way of working - with complete access to your workplace and client sites. This secure, compliant and all-in-one solution will provide your people with an efficient and improved visitor experience.

How multi-tenant visitor management system works


1. Send meeting invitation with a QR Code

It all starts when a host emails their visitor an invitation to the building. A QR code is attached to the email that will act as the visitor’s entry pass into the building.

2. Select the visited company in the building's lobby

On the screen, they’ll select the company they are visiting from the selection of logos.

3. Touchless check-in with motion sensors

At our Vgreet visitor management kiosks, motion sensors will detect the visitor and ask them to scan their assigned QR code with a touchless express check-in process.

4. Notify host of guests' arrival

Once the visitor completes this check-in at landlord reception in the main lobby, their status changes from “Expected” to “Onsite” and their host is notified of their arrival.

5. Digital wayfinding

Digital indoor wayfinding directs the visitor to the tenant floor so that they can easily make their way to their meeting.

6. Personalised QR code entry level for different visitors

Different visitor persona’s such as Contractors or Employees can have a personalised journey that differs from that of a visitor. Their QR code, once enabled (by pre-registration) can be upgraded to work within a range of access control barriers. This optimises the security and visitor's access management easily throughout the building.

7. Check in on Vdesk when arriving at the tenant reception

Once the visitor arrives, they can complete their check-in on the Vdesk placed in the tenant reception on the floor of their meeting place.

Use Cases

Landlords and property owners will know that their tenants will have different corporate cultures, working hours, policies and rotating staff that can make reception's check-in and security more challenging. Our Visitor Management Systems for Multi-Tenant Building provides full visibility of who is coming in and out of their buildings, with a unique “Landlord All Brands View” of expected visitors. This ensures Landlords are able to:

  • Staff effectively and time-shift phasing accordingly

  • Secure the building with an overview of all guests expected

  • Provide quality tours of the building with a joined-up main and tenant reception experience

  • Collect necessary details for track and trace – ensuring the building is Covid secure and ensuring the health of all tenants, their employees and visitors.

  • Increase service by removing manual tasks from front desk staff; enabling the up-skilling of reception staff into dedicated concierge people - offering a much more personalised and tailored service for all visitors.

  • Affordably fund the technology through a small tenant billed in service charge – effectively a monthly rental where all users will see great benefit from the technology.

Benefits of Visitor Management Systems for Multi-Tenant Offices

  1. A highly organised and efficient system that keeps track of who is using their facilities

  2. Easy check-in service for employees

  3. Notification that guests have arrived so that they can prepare to greet them and get their meeting underway

  4. Manage their own discreet workflows for visitors, employees and contractors

  5. Each Tennant can have their own policies and workflows for its different visitor personas as well as their own branded invites.

  6. Free up their receptionist team so that they are able to focus and prioritise their more important tasks.

  7. Complete peace of mind that the building is secure and adhering to the health and safety measures put in place.

  8. Happy visitors that will appreciate the “connected service” and look forward to returning.

  9. It also greatly enhances the visitor experience as people are:

  • No longer faced with long queues that disrupt their workday

  • Not at risk of potential contamination through the contactless sign in

  • Able to find their meeting places easily through wayfinding technology



Ultimately, our Visitor Management System for multi-tenant buildings will give all user groups peace of mind. Landlords can be sure that they will gain the trust of their tenants, employees and visitors for providing both a safe and effective return to work with visible initiatives put in place to enhance safety as well as to amplify efficiency.

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