Phoenix tech blocks unwanted noise

Vgreets are often located in bustling centres where people walk, talk and use their phones. Airports, hotels, retail and business centres are not libraries. These spaces are not conducive to quiet. This can often be a problem when people are asking the Vgreet questions and trying to understand the information the virtual receptionist is giving them. So how can we ensure two things? That the Vgreet hears requests and that people catch the pearls of wisdom the Vgreet dispenses?

The answer is – as it often is – new tech.

Our requirements were not simple. The audio-enhancing equipment had to be able to do three things: to be embedded within the Vgreet kiosk, to have the ability to pick up the voice of the customer in many environments, and finally to work with a highly-compressed Vidyo audio codec.

Phoenix’s MT107 echo and noise cancelling box with a dedicated DSP solution and its MT107-KSK solution (with four microphones) both improve the audio communication and voice intelligibility. These additions enable the client to communicate fluidly and naturally by providing a full-duplex audio solution that dramatically reduced noise and echo. The beam-forming algorithms allow users to interact confidently with the Vgreet, knowing that their voice is being picked up clearly by the virtual receptionist.

Founded in 2004, Phoenix Audio Technologies is an innovator of audio communication solutions for Voice Over IP (VoIP), Web Conferencing, Distance Learning, and Video Conferencing applications. Phoenix develops Microphones, Speakerphones, Audio Conferencing Mixers, Software, PCI products, and other audio accessories that improve the performance of existing conferencing devices.

By adding this new tech, which is effectively a 'hearing aid', Vgreets can better communicate with their users and offer a fully immersive experience. Vgreet will never be hard of hearing again.