Integrated Visitor Management Systems

Updated: Nov 9

How does visitor management system work?

Visitor management system is a solution that allows organisations to streamline their visitor management process, using technology to monitor and record visitor information.

VPod is a visitor management system in the UK which solves many problems for the Facilities Manager:

1. Safe visitor experiences

2. Safe employee experiences

3. A safe reception environment

4. Cost reduction

5. A decongested reception

Visitor management combines technology, security, communication and analytics to not only provide a great first impression to visitors and employees but the tools that the Facilities Manager needs to keep the building running effectively.

Visitor management software keeps your process running smoothly, are compliant and keep your team secure.

Integrated visitor management system

Vpod’s partnership with leading desk and room booking provider, Condeco and visitor management software specialist Proxyclick, is ensuring its Vgreet system delivers a fast, efficient and frustration-free visitor experience.

“It’s a true three-way integration that we, Condeco and Proxyclick can offer to clients, to make the entire visitor experience automated, fast and safe”. - Vpod MD, Sam Farrant.

Arrivals simply scan their QR code, their host is notified, they are checked in, provided with a visitor pass and given way-finding directions to where they need to be, and all that happens within seconds. This means front-of-house teams can focus on other tasks, not the admission process.

Vgreet in action at the ISE 2020 Exhibition in Amsterdam in February 2020.

End to end visitor management process

The Vgreet visitor management system manages your visitors from the moment they’re invited to a meeting, to when you wave goodbye to them. Vgreet thinks of everything; catering, directions to the office, meeting room selection, or even taxi bookings, the Vgreet creates a unique experience for anyone making a trip to your office.

Pandemic Facilities Management Phases

Vgreet isn’t just providing strategic benefits and cost savings, during the COVID-19 crisis, it is also helping with social-distancing and is able to screen everyone upon their arrival.

Vpod believe there are four key stages to Facilities Management and the pandemic, each stage should be observed by Facilities Managers to ensure their visitor management delivers a positive experience for your visitors and other employees.


During the React phase, Facilities Managers will be working on dealing with the emergency; reacting to its threat and understanding the new challenges.

Eight months into the pandemic and many Facilities Managers are considering the long-lasting impacts:

· Home working has become both the interim and, for some, the long-term answer to production levels staying optimal.

· Video communication has grown from 25 million active users every day to 200 million active users.

· Travelling to work has been impacted as the Government advise the country to avoid using public transport where they can.

· Lockdown and social isolation have become the norm, depriving people of the social interaction that as humans need.

· Applying caution and checking the personal safety of every external contact have become the norm.

· Sanitising hands, workplaces, surfaces, safe distancing and mask wearing have now become part of our everyday lives.


Governmental guidance put many “return to the office” plans on hold in August. Whilst frustrating for some, it has bought companies valuable extra time to put in solutions that allow them to seamlessly move from a React stage, through the Response, into the Recovery phase and deliver an answer for the Re-Engineering Phase in one move.

Meeting Room management, utilisation and scheduling is a key feature of Condeco, where they offer a cloud-based solution on Microsoft Azure and have all of the key features that you need. For those looking for desk management and future workspaces booking requirements, Condeco Software provides a perfect solution:

· Safe distancing and vendor management solutions provide cleaning, workplace management, floor plan control, capacity control and added contact tracing from their meeting room scheduling software over to their desk management solution.

· Desk management solution is ideal when half of the building space is out of use (safe distancing) and a phased return to the office needs to be implemented.

· A key feature of Condeco is that it has a large installed base of hundreds of thousands of seats, with the detailed requirements that enterprise clients need.

· The software is surfaced in a tidy APP that adds “future proofed features” like the ability to find a colleague who you want to collaborate with, signal your working from home.

· The same vendor can be used for room and desk and they have moved to a far better commercial model, charging by a number of users, which means the previously premium price tag now has a better value taste to it.


An integrated solution during the recovery phase is important for the Facilities Manager, IT team, HR, Corporate Real Estate and Covid Committee.

Condeco operates with a customer-first mindset, aiming to always create a better workplace; where the meeting invitees in the Outlook invite, populated Condeco, whether they are keyed into Condeco or Microsoft. This enables the pass down of an integrated link to visitor management partners like Vpod with its Vgreet Visitor Management System.


A re-engineered visitor management process could take two routes:

Journey 1

1. Starts in Microsoft Outlook. A host invites visitors to a meeting, Office 365 synchronises with Condeco, whose visitor management module passes the visitor details into the visitor management system Vpod.

2. The visitor gets a great invite and a touchless check-in using the Vpod visitor management tool.

Journey 2

1. Starts at the invite. A visitor follows the map details on the invite and arrives at reception.

2. Motion detectors tell the Vgreet system they have arrived and voice recognition prompts them to check-in.

3. One scan of a QR code enables a pass to be printed and they are given details of the meeting room and floor they need to go to.

Here the workplace of the future will enable “all workplaces” to have a safe workplace, with invites to a meeting flowing from Microsoft Office 365 or Condeco Software to Vpod visitor management system.

By partnering with Condeco and Proxyclick, the Vgreet provides the Facilities Manager with the answer to an end to end visitor experience. Visitor management transforms the workplace experience and safety, with visitors pre-registered, touchless check-in and a decongested reception area.

Host meeting booking

Whether your visitor is sent an invitation through Condeco or Office 365, Condeco is able to acknowledge the invitation details, enabling you to add visitors and services. Whether you need multiple room bookings, video conferencing or catering, Condeco software is able to process this for you. Should your meeting details change, Condeco is able to handle this automatically with external vendors, meaning your catering won’t turn up too early.

Because Condeco works so closely with Office 365, meeting room bookings are synced and automatically updated by Condeco. No matter who makes changes to your booking, and where they are when they update it, everyone will be kept up to date.

Guest details

Condeco software is able to record visitor details and share them with front of house staff. Your reception staff will have full oversight of who is expected in your building, at what time, and who they are; this saves time, is efficient, and gives the option to have a tailored welcome to your guests.

Visitor log creation

Guest details can be saved, so if they visit again, they won’t have to pre-register again, making the process even more seamless for returning visitors.

Analytics tells you how many people have entered your building on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can discover when your peak visiting times are, how many no-shows you’ve had or how many times you have booked catering services.

Invite generated

All meeting attendees will be sent a calendar invite that they can respond to, whether they’re an employee or external visitor. Visitors will be asked if they wish to pre-register to the building for a smoother check in.

Pre-registration involves your visitor providing necessary details such as their name, company name, email address, building access requirements and dietary preferences, before they’re given a unique QR code via email, to be used when signing into your building.

Vpod visitor management system

Vpod provide a seamless visitor management process. When the visitor arrives at your reception, they’ll see the Vpod kiosk and be able to use their pre-registration QR code to sign into your building in seven seconds.

With facial recognition and thermal imaging, every arrival can be fully screened for extra safety — and if a company’s health and safety policies change, Vpod simply update all their units remotely. Best of all, none of this means you have an impersonal, robotic service — teams still can speak face-to-face with visitors via video.

The guest will then either be directed to a meeting location or collected from reception by the meeting host. And if the visitor faces any difficulties during the sign-in process, they can select the help option and speak directly to a Facilities Manager face-to-face via a live, remote video chat.

A fully automated, contactless check-in experience, starts as soon as a QR code is scanned by the Vgreet.

“Ultimately we’re delighted to be able to be working with Condeco and Proxyclick to provide a complete end-to-end solution for our clients — one which addresses their concerns about safety, enhances the visitor experience and saves money”. - Vpod MD, Sam Farrant.

Proxyclick integration

Proxyclick is a cloud-based visitor management system in the UK for global enterprises which allows visitors to check-in, print badges, and host notifications. Users can manage visitor lists, information and employee lists using the visitor dashboard feature.

Proxyclick enables users to manage visitors, ensure the security of multiple buildings and upkeep a strong brand image.

Proxyclick is a perfect product to be integrated into the Vgreet; Facilities Managers can feel at ease knowing the Vgreet offers considerable security options, including:

· Emergency text messages to all site visitors

· Digital compliance document signing process

· Badge printing

· Pre-registration

· Compliance to GDPR and other processes

· Integration with access control systems

In addition to security, the Vgreet with Proxyclick integration offers optimum efficiency:

· Self check in and out

· Address books

· Delivery notifications

· Bulk visitor management

· Recurring visitor options

Condeco integration

Condeco create integrated workplace management and meeting schedule software for enterprises around the world.

As with Proxyclick, Condeco is another fantastic addition to the Vgreet. Condeco’s major USP is Condeco Sync; no matter where you create your meeting room booking, Condeco keeps the room directory up to date so that real time availability is accurate to the minute. It also extends its visitor data via its API to industry leading tools like Proxyclick and VPod.

Condeco’s software enables the Facilities Manager to manage meeting rooms from another building or time zone, with additional workplace insight to monitor space and resource usage. Workplace insight software allows for space and costs to be managed effectively.


Provide your visitors with a complete and frustration-free experience with the Vgreet Visitor Management System. Vpod Solutions has partnered with Proxyclick and Condeco to bring you a smart answer to visitor management.

Vgreet with Proxyclick and Condeco integration is a solution for your entire visitor management process:

· Meeting room bookings

· Detailed directions to your office

· Pre-registration

· QR code check in

· Security barrier integration

· Badge printing

· Bulk visitor management

· Security and compliance

· Data and analytics

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