A Locker Solution built for the Hybrid Worker

Updated: Jun 2

As we start returning to our workplaces, we’ll start following new routines. Today’s workplace looks different to the one we left behind and so do our workflows. From our commute to the way we hold meetings - the new way of working looks a lot more flexible. We’ve built a range of Locker Solutions to suit the purposes of organisations who are moving with the times.


New Smart Lockers by Vpod x Ruppel

Our innovative technology combined with Ruppel’s manufacturing capabilities, creates the ultimate in Intelligent Locker solutions for the new Smart Workplace.

What is Hybrid Locker Solution?

A hybrid locker solution means that one locker can have multiple purposes. Our hybrid smart lockers have the functionality of our entire locker range, all in one locker bank. These lockers will allow you to maximise locker utilisation, minimise costs and save on space. Have one locker bank for Parcel pick up, IT/Assets and Day lockers. Make the experience convenient for those that want the office to work for them.

Implement a flexible locker solution that works for your teams.

Why Hybrid Locker Solution?

For Facilities and Corporate Real Estate there are four huge gains:

  1. Traditional locker solutions were built around single purpose but operated at 70% utilisation. This meant only 70% of the lockers were used – despite taking up 100% of the floor space.

  2. Our analysis shows that over a 5-year period, the space saving of 30% by using hybrid locker solution (and making them work smarter) was actually greater than the cost of the lockers themselves.

  3. Space efficiency combined with ROI and total cost of ownership make a compelling dual set of arguments. This is especially relevant now, in times where every inch of corporate real estate is being questioned or falling under pressure.

  4. The employee experience is improved:

  5. No more lost or missing keys.

  6. No more time wasted, searching for an available locker. Lockers on demand are here!

  7. Multi-purpose lockers allow for flexibility, but they also reduce the number of vendors used. You can now use one vendor for all locker variants.

  8. Access lockers when you need them – from your mobile phone. Picking up a parcel or new IT? Need to store your kit whilst you head out to lunch? Book your locker with the simple tap on your phone or make a quick visit to the kiosk.

The employee experience has changed forever. Today, workspace enables people to be productive. It should be designed around people and their needs. This replaces the traditional concept of 'workplace', where people worked around the features of the space and IT provided. The office will only remain relevant and work as a productive space if the experience for the end user is optimised, the cost minimised and process efficiency maximised.

74.83% of managers believe covid-19 has accelerated the adoption of workplace technology by 1-5 years.

Source: Facilitate Magazine

Other Lockers in Our Range:

· Parcel Lockers – Digitise and automate your parcel/post-delivery.

· IT Asset Lockers – Distribute and manage IT assets securely and efficiently.

· Day Lockers - for mobile and hybrid workers and your return to office plan

Features of our Locker Solutions

1. Sustainable and Precise Locker Manufacturing

We are proud to work closely with Ruppel because of their high-quality craftsmanship and their commitment to sustainability. With a wide selection of different materials to choose from, cutting-edge engineering and the highly skilled technicians – Ruppel offers superior value at a fair price.

Their Central European location ensures that they commit to a short supply lead time of 4 weeks, so that your people can start using their lockers as soon as they are welcomed back into their new, smart office.

2. Integrate your Vgreet or Vdesk

Our Locker Solutions for offices are also available with either Vgreet or Vdesk locker management solutions to help you digitise and automate your entire locker system. Let your Vgreet/Vdesk drive a seamless locker experience for your people.

For example: Your front of house or post room staff are constantly interrupted by couriers in a hurry to deliver their parcels. Give them a simple Vgreet or Vdesk, a 24/7 drop-off terminal to check the parcel in – without having to disturb your busy staff.



Our Vgreet integrations with smart lock partners Gantner and TZ, mean than you get state of the art smart lockers - without the trouble of keys or failing batteries. Simply access your lockers from the Vgreet or Vdesk you already have installed.


Your employee can now book rooms and desks and will be assigned a convenient locker on the same floor. Our locker solution integrates with market leading room and scheduling provider Condeco enables us to truly connect the experience.


Better still, your staff who may not know the building will now have the way-finding details of how to find the room desk or locker all from our Mapspeople integration. They’ll feel empowered to get to their workspace quickly without have to worry about getting lost. This is key:

Lockers that know the desk you have booked and what floor it’s on; a building whose equipment tells you how to get to places quickly and a locker system that’s available on demand and that takes up less space… Our Smart Lockers have been designed to deliver an intelligent workplace. The improved experience they’ll deliver for people will make all the difference.

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