MapsIndoors with Vgreet

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

On Monday we announced our partnership with MapsPeople. Adding another valuable visitor management tool to Vgreet, this partnership is an exciting one for us here at Vpod.

Let us explain how MapsIndoors by MapsPeople integrates with our flagship visitor management product, Vgreet.

What is MapsIndoors?

Visitor management varies in different industries, from tourism destinations to hospitals. The definition is the same: to streamline visitors' journey and enhance visitor experience.

Have you ever seen the huge interactive map for visitor management in a museum or a tourism attraction building? The ultimate indoor venue guide, MapsIndoors by MapsPeople, takes this online for you. You'll always have access to a map from your phone, and you'll never get lost in an unfamiliar building again.

MapsIndoors allows users to navigate large and complex buildings. It leads to excellent visitor management for hospitals, hotels, airports, commercial buildings and other properties. In addition, it leads to smart visitor management in tourism destinations, such as hotels and entertainment venues.


How does MapsIndoors work as a visitor management tool?

Our favourite feature of MapsIndoors is that it's built on Google Maps, meaning the interface is easily identifiable to users. The tool allows visitors to seamlessly transfer from external to internal navigation.

It simplifies the journey for visitors. They receive Google Maps directions to the office and when they arrive, they're given directions to their meeting room that's in a similar format to the first part of their journey.


Having an internal way-finding visitor management tool means your visitors won't wait in long queues for your reception team. Visitors know where to go and won't be late for their meeting.

With Condeco meeting room integration, your visitor is informed of how to get to the meeting room they need to be. The visitor management tool brings your touchless visitor management to the next level.

Using a simple Content Management System (CMS) platform, Facilities Managers can easily update buildings, rooms, points of interest and routes.

MapsIndoor's interactive map is a useful visitor management tool to monitor visitors.

What are the benefits of MapsIndoors?

Simple way-finding

Indoor way-finding can help employees and visitors find unfamiliar floors, rooms or even navigate another building. It removes the need to wait in queues to speak with someone or wander around until they find their way. Step by step instructions guide people through your building easily, giving them the confidence that they will reach their destination.

Find your colleagues

Meeting location changed? Looking for a team member or hot desk? MapsIndoors helps employees and visitors find specific rooms within a building, along with other people.

Using MapsIndoors indoor positioning technology, it allows for devices such as company laptops to be pinpointed within the building. Privacy settings can be changed for those needing focussed time.

Reduce interruptions

Did you know that it takes 25 minutes to get back to your original task when you have been interrupted? With employees and visitors able to locate locations within your building and be checked in using Vgreet, it frees up your reception team to focus on other priorities.


Vgreet Visitor Management and MapsIndoors

In other industries such as tourism, a visitor attraction manager's job is to manage staff and resources, making sure their visitors' trip is enjoyable.

Managed by Vgreet visitor management solution, a visitors journey to your office should be ensured to be seamless and impressive. At Vpod, we're passionate about providing companies with an end-to-end visitor management solution. We believe it starts at the meeting invite and ends when the visitor leaves your building.

When visitors arrive, they need to be fully informed of where they need to be, who their host is, details of the meeting, and much more. MapsIndoors is a handy visitor management tool which provides visitors with internal way-finding.

Thanks to Vgreet visitor management system, your visitor and employee journey is vastly improved with sleek end to end processes. With features such as

  • Desk booking

  • Pre register vistors

  • Visitor badges

  • Touchless express check-in

  • Covid-secure compliance

  • Host communication

  • and now internal way-finding, your visitors will feel welcomed and safe, as will your employees.

  • Read more about Vgreet visitor management features.

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