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How does Microsoft access visitor management system work? and how can we integrate with visitor access control systems? In the last blog, we covered the quantum leap of the benefits associated with integrating Microsoft, Condeco and Vgreet with its Proxyclick features.

However, you can go further!

Microsoft Access Visitor Management system with Condeco

First, let's recap what does Microsoft access visitor management system mean? Managing your visitors with Microsoft has the following features:

  1. Your host books the meeting in Microsoft office 365

  2. The visitor email addresses are in the Outlook invite and Condeco populate the visitor management log,

  3. A branded and customised visitor invite is generated and sent from Outlook with a QR code for checking in

  4. The visitor details have populated the visitor management system, your reception team is fully aware of expected visitors, meeting changes without rekeying in the visitors details to check visitors in.

The market-leading workplace resource management tools like Condeco can simply set up the simple rules to classify a visitor and switch on the integration to the visitor management system.

The integration is already available just contact your room or desk booking vendor to switch on the feed to the visitor management system.

How far can I upgrade my visitor management with Office 365?

Let's explain how you can now add visitor access control, or for those not in facilities, this means you can enable the barrier access too.

You can manage visitors with apps and iPad, but what they can't achieve is the full integration with other systems in your building. So how can I upgrade my check-in process to the visitor management system with visitor access control?

Vgreet comes fully loaded with Proxyclick who lead the world in Access Control System Intellectual Property.

But what does that mean for the Facilities Manager and the Security Team?

It means you can identify visitors against a database of blacklisted visitors and therefore put in the first control on the preventative side of removing access to your buildings.

Visitor Access Control Enablement for different visitor types

Customise your visitor's entry

With a Microsoft access visitor management system, the next level is you can develop visitor personas, types of visitor to you and I. Types of visitor entering your building can be:

- Employee


- Contractor

- Supplier

To name just a few, a visitor access control system can give different permission to different levels of visitor entry:

- Employees you might enable their QR code to work with the Access Barriers

- Contractors you might restrict to certain floors

- Suppliers access to floors like Catering to one floor

- Cleaners to all floors but only out of hours

Each one when visitors check-in is being digitally tracked.

Each one digitally "marked" with access to past barriers or not.

Vgreet visitor management system gives you 24/7 visitor access control without the need for manning 24/7 but with full security and digital control.

What Microsoft access visitor management system mean for the security team

Installing a visitor entry management system for your building is essential, but its integration with your visitor management system enables your security team to:

  • Access the camera technology to monitor reception areas.

  • Change the policies themselves.

  • Monitor blacklists in real-time.

  • Customise digital workflows themselves.

  • Monitor the visitor entry management system themselves

  • Monitor visitor records with access control systems

All Whilst Ensuring that you remain in control of every policy:

  • If it's a self-health certification

  • If it's Visual ID

  • If it's employees from different countries who require different language options

  • You can literally adapt your visitor access control system for any eventuality persona, type, language and rest assured that the system manages it.

Do your visitors start to realise you have built in some advanced thinking into their experience?

So your visitor communities or personas/types can be managed differently and in a uniform manner.

Your Security Team can manage the security even tighter, without being oppressive or intrusive.

These are the visitor access control systems that can be fully integrated with your visitor management system.

Visitor Access Control System that can be enabled

Remember customised workflows let you design different journeys for different visitor types, be they:

- Employees visiting from another site

- Contractors who you wish to access certain floors

- Suppliers allowed in certain hours

- VIPs

We consult with you to design the journeys that you desire to wow your visitors.

Stakeholders in your organisation are going to welcome the flexibility of the system:

  • Marketing will appreciate that even the invites are "on brand"

  • Legal will thank you that every health and safety box can be ticked and audited.

  • Security will thank you for the "visitor blacklist checks" you just happened to be able to implement.

  • Security will welcome the access barrier control as you can now enable on the visitor entry. They will actively endorse it when they see the control you can design into the system for contractors, visitors, VIP's all capable of different journeys and access control.

  • Human Resources battling with employee return to the office and adding value to the workplace will thank you for the risk of contamination you just removed. However, you just handed them a visible workplace upgrade "A Safer Workplace" that delivers a great message for them to transmit.

  • Human Resources will also thank you for not turning the workplace into a hazard area with tape, screens and signs everywhere, reminiscent of a biohazard lab!

  • Finance will be delighted with the cost reduction and return on investment.

  • Employees will be delighted that their customers now get a reliable repeatable great 1st impression.

Find out how Vgreet works with our latest video.

Visitor management is surprisingly affordable with the new Vgreet leasing rates that give you savings in month one.

The value equation of Microsoft access visitor management system

Surprisinigly easy to save money in month 1 with the Kiosk Leasing Option

Many Facilities teams have very different agendas depending on the circumstance, culture and company drivers.

Option 1: Remove excess staff coverage costs

We can tailor the value balance to any city, however, let's start with London. A Vgreet Visitor Management Kiosk costs £1700 a month and often staff holidays, sickness and training coverage will cost £1544 a month for a team of three.

You can immediately remove the coverage and add a kiosk giving you 20 up visitors a minute extra capacity.

So the system will cost you £1700 less £1544 or £166 a month.

You will add the ability to cope with an extra 60 visitors an hour for £8.30 a day.

Let's assume you only cater for 100 extra visitors a day, then you are doing so for 8.3p a visitor.

Option 2: Save 30% of your staff

Remove the manual processes and replace them with digital visitor management.

In London, you'll save £2666 a month and you are now realising a saving on £2500 a month (£2666 less £166) or £30k a year.

However, you have added capacity for up to 60 visitors an hour, 8 hours a day, 20 days a week or 9000 plus visitors a month.

Savings are just the tip of the 5 areas where a digital visitor management system will have an impact.

The recent partnership with the market-leading executive PA company Moneypenny means that you can extend the Vgreet service by adding on an on-demand PA service by simply saying "help".

Voice recognition systems immediately open a video link to your "overflow" Moneypenny PAs.

Moneypenny Executive on-demand PAs

The Moneypenny team operate as an extension of your front of House team and have full access to:

- Your Vgreet Kiosk

- Your Visitor Management software.

This makes the service very flexible with face to face contact PLUS:

- Per-minute pricing

- Authorised Access to your kiosk to check in the odd unexpected visitor

- Or deal with surges in visitor traffic so you have no queues

Read our full visitor management system guideline

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Want to know more about Vgreet's Microsoft access visitor management system? Let us know.

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