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Updated: May 27

Many think of visitor management and workflows in silos of thought

When Steve job's presented the iPhone in 2007 he used that siloed thinking to underline the iPhone breakthrough, why should you have three devices:

  • An iPod or Walkman

  • A phone

  • An internet browser

The rest is history; Apple is the largest company by market capitalisation, with iPhone still bringing in more than 60% of sales.

From far humbler beginnings, the folk at Condeco and Vpod have looked at the visitor management journey and asked a simple question:

Why should a meeting consist of the three separate siloed delivery systems?

  • One for the invite: Microsoft Outlook for 80% of enterprises

  • One for the room: its resources, equipment, services and catering

  • One for the visitor: who is arriving for the meeting

The Visitor Management answer - they should be one workflow

So can you really achieve that? The answer is yes. Watch our Video.

As you're planning the return to the workplace, where thanks to 10 months of working on Teams and Zoom, every employee will seriously question the need to:

  1. Commute

  2. Reduce time with their family

  3. To return to a workplace that's unchanged

It's time to signal that change by adding the Condeco Proxyclick and Vgreet integration. That sounds like hard work dealing with three companies, however, we have made it simple as Vgreet comes with Proxyclick incorporated.

So for Condeco customers, this is really simple.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you want a pre-registration process with self-health questionnaires?

  2. Do you want to remove lots of manual keying of visitor data by taking visitor email addresses out of Microsoft and Condeco i.e. at the source?

  3. Do you want to remove the manual visitor check-in workload and replace it with a 3-second check-in?

  4. Would HR and Legal like to see touchless 3-second check-in processes with no queues in reception?

  5. Would Marketing like to see a branded invite that wows customers?

  6. Would the CEO/COO like to see the 80% of meetings that start late by 15 mins reduced?

  7. Would HR like to signal a workplace that's now safer smarter and intuitive?

  8. Would Facilities like lots more capacity to deal with peak visitor traffic?

  9. Would Facilities like to upgrade its reception team to full concierge having removed the manual tasks?

  10. Or alternatively centralise them out of harms way, in their own bubble?

What's more?

Vgreet recently partnered with world leader Moneypenny.

Personalised Exec PA service that makes a difference in their business.

They connect to your visitor with one voice command, as simple as "help please."

Vgreets Video link service connects the Moneypenny team and your visitor.

Digital Receptionist is safer faster and Moneypenny rates are based on "minutes connected" - so pay for what you need!

So with Vgreet Visitor Management; what do I get?

1. Integration with Condeco, Microsoft, and Proxyclick

  • One for the invite: Microsoft Outlook for 80% of enterprises

Solved by Vgree't integration with Condeco

  • One for the room: its resources, equipment, services and catering

Solved by Vgree't integration with Proxyclick

  • One for the visitor: who is arriving for the meeting

Solved by Vgreet's check-in kiosk

A Vgreet check-in kiosk that check your visitor in 3 seconds, and shows them how to get to the meeting room they are due in - sound seamless?

If you have already arrived at the economics question then here's the answer.

2. Savings from Month 1 in a simple monthly bill.

The sort of economics that most Finance teams are dying to see in any business case for change right now, savings in month one and no heavy Capex with a simple 3-year agreement adding the capacity to handle 9600 visitors a day.

For those that want that sign off soundbite less than 1p per visitor (Capacity 172,000 visitors a month cost £1700 a month)

Read more about saving cost with vgreet visitor management system

And put very simply for the Executive team 1 Pager!

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