Microsoft Visitor Management wins

Updated: Jun 2

Those CIO's with Office 365 can transform their workplace for the return to the office here's how:


  • Insert Touchless check-in for all visitors till vaccines have full impact

  • Remove front of house staff from contamination risk by centralising them or outsourcing.

  • Give employees a safer workplace with 100% track and trace on employees visitors contractors.

  • Deliver HR a visible initiative that transmits the workplace is safer


  • Strip cost out of the facilities management function by reducing the manual process and digitalising all visitor workflows.

  • Get month one savings from digital visitor management kiosks that operate 24/7 and deliver repeatable 3-second touchless check-in.


  • Start meetings on time by lessening or removing the instance of visitors arriving late to meetings by getting lost on the way to the building or in it.

  • Manage visitors by using the same Office 365 workflows you use today, no need to train the workforce on different processes.


  • Transform the visitor experience by creating an intuitive visitor workflow rather than a reactive one when they get to the reception.

  • Remove the queues and congestion in receptions at peak times.


  • Remove the 80% of meetings that start late because attendees are delayed in the building or checking in.

  • Business insider late meeting statistics

How do we implement office 365 visitor management?

Simple as a CIO you have Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite, with meetings being booked every work minute of the day, in Outlook, so you have the visitor email addresses already.

If like 2,000 other CIO's you have invested in room or desk scheduling resources that compliment Microsoft Office 365 by integrating with them, then the visitor's details, that you are currently as an organisation re-keying into other systems, can be used to populated integrated Visitor Management systems like Vgreet.

What's Vgreet?

Vgreet is a digital visitor management system that upgrades your techniques of managing workplace. Transform your visitor experience by removing the react to visitors at reception concept and deliver an intuitive touchless check-in.

What do we mean by Intuitive?

It starts by using the visitor email addresses that you have in Outlook 365 and Condeco and feeding them into Vgreet which sends out a helpful branded invite, to the visitor.

As well as a Google map that helps you find the building and an address should you take a cab or Uber.

There are your host details so if your late or early you can update your meeting host.

The QR code is scanned at the Vgreet kiosk which simultaneously:

  • Prints your visitor pass

  • Notifies the meeting host you have arrived by SMS text or any other preferred method

  • Checks you into the building in a simple 3-second touchless manner

The details of the room you are due to meet in appears on the screen (courtesy of the Condeco Vgreet Integration) and your visitor is on their way.

Interactive maps are sent to your mobile so that you can find your way to key facilities, washrooms or coffee points.


You have transformed your workplace visitor experience using existing investments in Condeco and Microsoft Office 365. the detailed process of

You delivered month 1 savings for your facilities team with a strong return on investment for the finance team. Read more about saving the cost of visitor management

You have delivered to HR a safer and more enjoyable productive workplace by inserting touchless VIP check-in workflows that required no manual processes as the data was feed from existing systems and inputs.

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