It's a long time since Dolly Parton sung about the drudgery of the 'Nine to Five' — business' thinking seems to be finally catching up with how we can change the grind to the great.

Work life is changing — more flexible working hours, remote working are much more commonplace; and new start-up style businesses have very different idea of what constitutes 'working-life'.

From more personal hours to accommodate looking after a young family to tech nerds who never see daylight — this all means that '9 to 5' can just as easily mean 9pm to 5am in modern working.

Locations where businesses are concentrated, from towns to capitals, are also realising there is a real need to think of a 24hr economy. London has even appointed a 'Night Tsar', Amy Lamé, to help businesses take advantage of what is now becoming more of a 24hr City than ever before.

With these rapidly changing shifts in attitudes, companies need to think of ways to accommodate, and take advantage of this new thinking.

More and more companies are finding the solutions offered by Vpod are helping them offer employees a new way of working. Vgreet systems are now offering businesses full concierge and reception services to business properties, without the need for 24hr personnel on site. Meanwhile Remote Expert solutions are allowing retailers, banks and healthcare businesses to interact with customers at convenient hours, not office hours.

Most importantly, Vpod is not part of a 'robot' economy, it's about helping people make the connections they need, whenever they need them. Business is still at its best when it's done face-to-face.

Talk to Vpod and find out how to free your business and employees to work smarter not harder and allow your customers to get great access to your brand and services at times that suit them.

After all, as Dolly said about working 9-5 "that ain't no way to make a living".